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Wed Class Cases due - Assignment Example

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I am looking for real life stories from people and companies for my upcoming interesting book on the advantages and pitfalls of using online systems for virtual projects. If you have an interesting experience with using online collaboration, feel free to email the stories to me…
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Wed Class Cases due
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Extract of sample "Wed Class Cases due"

Wed Cases due Pg 209 Case I am looking for real life stories from people and companies for my upcoming interesting book on the advantages and pitfalls of using online systems for virtual projects. If you have an interesting experience with using online collaboration, feel free to email the stories to me with real names, companies and places if you need your experience published. I will maintain confidentiality upon request. As gratitude, I will send autographed copies to entrants. Release form signatures for used stories are required.
pg 210 case #6,
Hey Grogan, I wanted to inform you about how important you are to this team. In fact, I can say that the success of the whole project lies on the design you produced. Currently, there is some distraction with technical composition of the project and that is taking up everyone’s focus. The details in the technical bit will enhance the design you come up with, therefore, as much as few comments arise currently, you are a key person in the success of this team.
Pg 239 Cases #2
Hello Vander, this is an expression of my interest in the upcoming position is very high because I believe I have what it takes. I can support this because I have an engineering degree, record of accomplishment for excellence, excellent employee record, and adequate experience. I am exceptionally keen on customer satisfaction and aims at production of quality. I request for your support of my interest in this position because I believe you are focused on supporting the best talent for the position.
pg 240 case #7
On 3 April 2012, I paid for my electricity bill through mobile money specifications, but things never worked out. I stayed in darkness for several hours before opting to buy units through other means following several hours of trying to reach customer care in vain. My phone number is +4457898769 and I am requesting for a refund because, two weeks later, I have not received the tokens I had bought.
Pg 275 Case #4
Dear Sir, following the information customers has been receiving recently regarding warranties; it means that there is more information to the customers than our company ever expected. This is not a good thing for the reputation of our company, as the customers will soon look at our company as swindlers, especially if we do not deliver the promise we make to them. It is not appropriate forging ahead with the efforts of training the sales team if the company has to save its reputation from negative opinions of customers.
Pg 306 Case #1
Social media has become a great way for executives meeting with their clients. That is what Opra Winfrey, Richard Branson and Donald Trump does to find out what their clients think about their activities. They tweet their opinions on current events, they tell their customers and fans what to expect in the future of their companies and they give their clients a chance of challenging their opinions, following their concerns with responses (A. C., K. K, 2012).
Resp 1: that is very true and it makes catching up with people like Tyra interesting.
Resp 2: tweeting with the executives makes raising concerns easy as one no longer worries about having their information stuck in some assistants file.
Resp 3: that is true, tweeting with the executives helps in bringing their companies close. I can now know what is coming up and how they feel about certain issues without so many worries.
Pg 275 Case #24
Thank you very much Weiss. It would be a pleasure recommending you for the sales job at the florist, but your reputation under my supervision proved your incompetence as a file clerk, carelessness in bookkeeping and insensitivity in customer service. I may not be able to assist you on this because, presenting otherwise to the florist, would impinge on my credibility should you fail the sales efforts.
A. C., K. K. (2012). Growth-chain tweeters. Restaurant Business, 111(3), 41. Read More
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(Wed Class Cases Due Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Wed Class Cases Due Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Wed Class Cases Due Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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