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Urban Planning - Coursework Example

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The paper "Urban Planning" will look into transportation planning, growth management, defense privileges, structural unemployment and its importance for local economic development, challenges to regional planning, and the planning differences between the USA and other nations…
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Urban Planning
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Extract of sample "Urban Planning"

Download file to see previous pages The main objective of urban planning is to provide proper economic, social, and cultural conditions to the growing population, and to provide them with the fulfillment of their physical and material needs. For urban planning to be achieved, a healthy atmosphere has to be maintained, and traffic congestion has to be minimized and regulated.

Transportation planning
Transportation facilitates the movement of people and goods from one place to another. It also controls the growth and economic patterns by facilitating land access. Transportation planning identifies the vital relationship between transportation and other societal objectives. Many urban areas are faced with the problem of traffic congestion. The extensive freeways may provide the different collectors and express paths to split through traffic from narrow traffic, or individual high-tenure vehicle paths, either as a distinct control on the innermost road or a split roadway, to facilitate easy movement.

Induced demand is brought about by a reduction in the efficient transport cost instigated by the new infrastructure making movement more suitable. Trucks make up for about 10% of motor vehicles on the road. Trucks are essential to the economy and welfare of society. Business is dictated by trucking, and the logistics sector specifically relies on road transport for picking up commodities and delivering them. Other than pickup and delivery, the truck provides’ other services such as fire protection and snow removal.

Growth management
Growth management refers to methods utilized by the government to make certain that as the population increases their requirements are fulfilled through set up services. Other requirements such as the preservation of the natural environment, provision of proper and affordable facilities for accommodation and housing, the deliverance of services, maintenance of monuments and museums and creation of spaces for undertaking business activities to be organized. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...? Urban Planning Perspectives “Community' is one of those words that feels good: it is good 'to have a community', 'to be in a community'. And 'community' feels good because of the meanings which the word conveys, all of them promising pleasures, and more often than not the kind of pleasures which we would like to experience but seem to miss. …Community' stands for the kind of world which we long to inhabit but which is not, regrettably, available to us. Today 'community' is another name for paradise lost but for a paradise which we still hope to find, as we feverishly search for the roads that may lead us there.” Bauman, Z., 2001, Seeking Safety in an insecure world, Cambridge: Polity Press, pp.1-3 1. Discuss with reference to recent...
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... to those people who were willing to relocate to the outer limits of cities (Hall 74). In the 1960s, the government improved the transportation system by enhancing efficiency through the construction of interstate highways that helped connect the cities to the residential areas outside the city. Racial tensions in cities also contributed to the decentralization that occurred in cities, in recent times, high crime rates and deteriorating school standards in cities have led to more people to move away from the city (Hall 79). Question #3 Urban planning is essential for proper implementation of infrastructure that is vital in providing support, for the numerous service industries, which are required to cater to the needs of those dwelling...
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... PUP 301: Introduction to Urban Planning Urban Planning Questions Qn Differentiate between Urbanization and sub-urbanization (pay particular attention to graphs we discussed in class.) There are different conceptions from people regarding the model of urbanisation and what it entails. On one hand, there is a conception that urbanisation is the increasing of the area of land being developed for urban use, which is the notion of urbanisation under the physical sense; while another conception of the term urbanisation is in regard to a social process in which people adopt attitudes and behaviours that were similar to the conventional behaviour practiced in cities notwithstanding the place they could be living. According to Tisdale (1942...
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... for lodging through the following five years. It works in show with the other arrangement components to help attain the expansive group objectives as communicated in the General Plan Land Use Element. Alternate components are Circulation, Noise, Safety, Conservation and Open Space, Parks and Recreation, and Water and Wastewater. Lodging components must be overhauled occasionally, as stated by a State received timetable. Under State law, urban areas are answerable for making arrangements for the prosperity of their natives. This Housing Element sets onward the Citys strategies and definite projects for helping, for safeguarding and upgrading neighborhoods, and for expanding reasonable lodging open doors for to a great degree low, low, low...
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...philosophies and respective planning decisions with a weighty impact on both the spatial organization and culture of cities together with states of the distant past and present. Prehistory cities came up around 6000 years ago. The cities grew between 2800-2300 BC and saw a definite pattern of the city planning archetype. About 2000-1600 BC, Xia Dynasty recorded on the construction of cities as Shang Dynasty of about 1600-1046 BC presented the potential time of urban planning scheme in the Urban China (Wei, 2015). The archaeological data displays that the planning and design of the Xibo City (the capital of Shang Dynasty), embraced the...
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Managements first and the most fundamental problem is selecting the right individuals with the prospective for development. evenly important is the placement of those individuals in positions in the organizational structure where their talents are most desired.
Manpower development instigates with human resources planning also known as manpower planning, which establishes a firm's specific personnel rations. These are attained by a qualitative fortitude of the individual job specifications and of the specific characteristics required of a person for the successful performance of each job. Once these job requirements are recognized, it is essential to forecast the number of persons desired for each job. This stage of employmen...
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It also helps to define the appropriate development to meet those perceived needs. Scheduling and timing are important but cannot be too regimented.” (Personal Development Planning time management).

Time is one of the most essential elements of human life and its proper management is required for the personal development of human beings. Time management has been defined in different ways and a good understanding of the concept may be arrived at from the following definitions. “Time management is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools, and systems that work together to help you get more value out of your time with the aim of improving the quality of your life.” (Definition of Time Management. 200...
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For semi-detached or detached house the volume of the extension is less than 70m3 or 15 percent of the volume of the original building whichever is the greater subject - with an absolute limit of 115m3.” [1]

Though apparently the extension pertains to none of the above cases yet the purpose of the extension if renewed and renovated it may not at all require the Building Regulation’s approval and obtain a retrospective Building Regulation consent for the extension from the Local Authority. When the house converted to a terraced house the extension’s construction becomes perfectly legal considering it is less than 50 cc or 10% of the volume of the original building as cited above. Poles are bored to crea...
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The Work Breakdown Structure and its Advantages in Project Planning

A typical construction project involves a WBS that evolves from an initial task that is successively subdivided into smaller work blocks until the lowest level is reached, indicating a tree-like structure. Subdividing the project breaks down the project work effort into packages that are both manageable and independent. It connotes that the lowest level of the package corresponds to the smallest project work, which requires the shortest completion time periods. As WBS shows the relationship of all elements of a project, a sound basis for cost and schedule control is provided.

Some lists of project activities involved in WBS include budgeting, cost allocation, time allocation and management, and quality assurance. These...
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National Health Service Human Resource Planning

There are about 1500 primary care dentists who are working on a salaried basis with the NHS, in most cases employed by primary care trusts. This group of individuals was a part of the local government earlier but in 1974, they were transferred into the NHS. (Personnel Today, 2007). Starting from the year 1997 onwards, the U.K. Department for Education and Employment had allowed for additional funding of $7.2 million to ensure that medical schools are able to pay clinical academia staff the awards that have been recommended for doctors and dentists in the NHS, by the Doctors and Dentists Review Body (Beecham, 1996). This move was initiated to introduce pay parity because university employers found it difficult to pay the 3.8% incre...
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Marketing Planning of MD Inc UK

To cash in on the brand image achieved through the success of the ‘Bliss’ range of a hair care products, by positioning the new product range as affordable while being gentle and versatile and target the already favorable market segment of the ‘Bliss’ range.
MD inc. has already been in the beauty and personal care sector and has a successful product range named ‘Bliss’ under its kitty. The new market that is the Electrical hair care appliances market is potentially a high growth area. Though the current growth rate is slow, the future trends indicate that with appropriate marketing strategy and positioning, the market and the companies in this sector can grow at a higher rate.
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Project Planning Human Capital

Project planning involves a lot of factors and areas that we need to address for the effective management and handling of the project. The aim of this report is to provide a deep insight into some of the main areas that we need to address for the project of Adams's family farmhouse renovation. These issues are project team communication, project risk management, and deadline handling. Effective communication in a project provides a huge advantage regarding the better working and handling of the project. I have selected a very significant project regarding the preservation of the old and historical places. Here we require effective communication to provide better interaction among the designer, developers, and history preservation...
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What Is So Valuable about Strategic Planning

It is concerned with the assessment of the background on which the business operates to understand the best actions that can assist in accomplishing the organization’s long term objectives and overall mission (Nolan, et al. 2008).
The strategic plan acts as the basis for the organization’s activities. It is important for successful operations for the business. The development of the techniques for management is usually based on the strategic plan. In the products and services business, the strategic plan will assist in maintaining competitiveness despite the existing competition. This is because all the actions will be carried out after a careful analysis carried out while developing a strategic plan. It sets out...
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Urban Planning and Design

The urban fabric is constructed with very many different parts like the building design, services, utilities, streets, parks, drainage ways, natural areas and parking lots. The good urban design promotes how buildings are scaled and oriented towards the street. Walkways are landscaped to buffer between pedestrians and vehicular circulation.
Urban design can be defined as the discipline through which planning and architecture can create and renew a sense of local pride and identity. Urban design is concerned with the arrangement, functionality, and appearance of towns, with a particular interest in the shape and use of urban public space according to Mcgill (2010). Traditionally it has been regarded as a subset of urban planni...
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Role of HR Planning in Assisting Organizations in Reducing Uncertainty in an Unpredictable Labor Market

HR planning is fairly regarded as an essential instrument of forecasting, assessing, and meeting the demand for qualified labor. However, as labor markets are changing, so is the meaning of HR planning and its effects on labor efficiency in organizations. Globalization and integration of markets turn diversity and inclusion into the principal prerequisites of continuous business success. HR planning helps organizations to address and reduce uncertainty in unpredictable labor markets by forecasting, assessing, and meeting the demand for diverse employees and matching their skills and knowledge in each job category.

HR planning has already become a distinctive feature of contemporary business reality. Organizations are wi...
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Urban Planning

... the actors, and developing a plan based on this interest. Conclusion: In conclusion, the planning process is a collaborative process, that all the stakeholders must be involved. Failure to involve these stakeholders would mean that the plan developed would not carter for their interests. It would therefore be difficult to implement this plan. Various theoretical frameworks identify the best method of the plan making process. Theories such as the blue print model and the synoptic model do not encourage a large participation of the public in the planning process. On the other hand, the bargaining model, and thee communication model encourages this participation. References: Cavin, A. (2003). Urban planning. New York: H.W. Wilson...
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Urban Planning

.... Then when he began to understand the significance of these hints he developed a respect for the positive aspects of Sioux culture. Conclusion The full title of this essay is “Urban Planning”. I would suggest that the word “urban” refers to the fact that the policy administration of Indian reservations including the Sioux has been largely paternalistically planned and controlled by the federal government in the urban capital of Washington, DC responding to the development interests of corporations and the national electorate rather than the needs of the Indians even though it may be executed by bureaucracies such as the FBI including its’ local reservation agent...
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