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Three Possible Reasons Why the Funding Was Overlooked - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the Children’s Summer Expense Project and its failure. This paper analyzes why the project failed and presents the three possible reasons why the funding was overlooked and in what three ways that the Children’s Summer Expense Project could be saved…
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Three Possible Reasons Why the Funding Was Overlooked
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Extract of sample "Three Possible Reasons Why the Funding Was Overlooked"

Budgeting Unit 5 IP Three possible reasons why the funding was overlooked The possible reasons that could have led to overlooking funds are failure to be ready for an emergency, having life insurance for many individual’s emergencies, and keeping unnecessary large amounts of money that make a person want to spend all the time. This means that emergencies can happen anytime; therefore, it is advantageous to save some money aside for such cases. It is not advisable to have so many life insurances for emergencies, because they will hold back a lot of money which may never be recovered. This strains the budget because a lot of money is given away with no returns. Keeping a lot of spare money is also not advisable, because a person will be tempted to spend it even on things or plans that are not in the budget. This is extremely dangerous because it affects the allocation (Fisher 2002).
Three ways that the Children’s Summer Expense Project could be saved
The three ways that the Children’s Summer Expense Project could be saved is through daily services program, weekly food distribution program, or the monthly outreach program offered by Making A Way Foundation. This is because every day Making A Way offers property of all type to the needy by reprocessing collected, discarded, utilizable stuff to those in need. Every week, Making A Way, presents the way to delivering thousands of pounds of dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and canned goods to churches and other non-profits. The products are distributed to single parents, shelters, and senior citizens, low income families, and scores of all the others that may be in desperate need of these essentials. Disaster relief assistance is a program that Making A Way and friends are making preparations help with relief efforts of assistance to victims in need (Koc 1999).
Fisher, George. (2002) The Streetsmart Guide to Overlooked Stocks. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Professional.
Koc, Mustafa. (1999) For Hunger-Proof Cities: Sustainable Urban Food Systems. Ottawa, ON: IDRC.
Making A Way Foundation - Services. (n.d.). Retrieved from Read More
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