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Week 13: NASA: Organizational Design Frontiers for Exploring Frontiers - Assignment Example

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NASA’s head administrator, Sean O’Keefe (2004) declared the shift of the agency’s organizational structure into a learner by developing a structure that integrated exploration missions, science requirements, implementation of systems and management into a single approach…
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Week 13: NASA: Organizational Design Frontiers for Exploring Frontiers
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Extract of sample "Week 13: NASA: Organizational Design Frontiers for Exploring Frontiers"

Organizational Design Frontiers for Exploring Frontiers Organizational Design Frontiers for Exploring Frontiers NASA’s head administrator, Sean O’Keefe (2004) declared the shift of the agency’s organizational structure into a learner by developing a structure that integrated exploration missions, science requirements, implementation of systems and management into a single approach. This was aimed at sustainable and affordable support for the vision of long term exploration. The four mission directorates around which the new structure revolved around included: science, space and headquarter support operations, aeronautic research and exploration systems. Each directorate had a role to play in promoting synergy across the agency.
NASA established space and research centers as well as mission support offices as functional areas that could oversee space operations, science and aeronautics research. These centers share a set of critical attributes in NASA’s bid to build and maintain a strong organization design. In December 2005, these attributes were described in terms of responsibilities, leadership roles, project management, space flight responsibility, skill and flexibility of the workforce, technological competence, infrastructure, and stakeholder support and leadership roles (Kortenkamp, 2007).
The numbers of external factors that influence NASA’s strategic goals and their achievement, the strategic goals assume continued congressional support as well as a consistent strong, economy and public support. Changing relationships with other nations influence achievement of these goals. Although NASA values contributions from the other nations, the partnerships are also risky. NASA also assumes that the national security and other federal agencies will continue providing support where there is mutual interest in achieving the goals. The enormous business opportunities that space exploration presents as well as new discoveries could change NASA’s goals. Technological innovations and upgrades on which NASA relies on can either delay or accelerate achievement of these goals.
This unstable external environment called for changes in the organization design. This organizational design transformation will enable NASA achieve its strategic goals. This is because this transmutation is aimed at creating a stronger and flexible workforce as well as leaders that are value-centered and responsible. It also focused on enhanced capability and correct utilization of infrastructure (Kortenkamp, 2007).
The current strategic plan enunciated other strategic goals. The shuttle was to be flown safely till its retirement. After the shuttle retirement, a new crew exploration vehicle had to be brought into service in a jiffy. The international space station had to be completed having into consideration the agency’s international partners’ commitments and the need for human exploration. In accordance to the human spaceflight program, an overall balanced program of science and exploration was developed. Appropriate partnerships with the emerging commercial space sector were encouraged, and a lunar program was established.
Kortenkamp, S. (2007). NASA. London: Capstone Press. Read More
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