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The frontier of modern astronomy - Research Paper Example

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Frontiers of Modern Astronomy While astronomy represents perhaps the most complex and intimidating of modern sciences, it is also the most intriguing as each new discovery reveals a long concealed secret about the nature of existence. With such crucial importance on new astronomical insight, concerns over the frontier of modern astronomy take on a crucial area of importance for even the lay observer…
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The frontier of modern astronomy
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"The frontier of modern astronomy"

Download file to see previous pages Cosmology is the study of the universe as a whole, with particular consideration on the creation and development of the universe. While even the most cutting-edge astronomy is not able to definitively determine the age of the universe, or how it was created there exist a number of modern theories that attempt to tackle these issues. The current overriding understanding emerges from the Big Bang Theory, which has come to be accepted amongst most astronomers due to the overwhelming evidence in its favor. The core of the Big Bang Theory is that approximately 13 billion years ago, the universe suddenly exploded into existence during an occurrence that is now referred to as the Big Bang. It is unknown what occurred exactly before the Big Bang, as this was not an explosion in space and time, but was an explosion of space and time. “For a fraction of a second 10-34 to 10-32, the universe expanded at faster than the speed of light, driven by ‘anti-gravity’. At 10-10 to 10-6, both quarks and anti-quarks existed, but due to the temperature, most of it was destroyed, leaving a tiny fragment of matter. Quarks are the building blocks of protons and neutrons” (Singh, pg. 209). ...
It was ultimately discovered ultimately discovered that this radiation exists and it was deemed the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). Today it represents one of the frontier elements of astronomical research. While there are a number of contemporary theories that scientists work with in modern astronomy, there also exist numerous questions that remain on the frontier of astronomical investigation. Among these primary questions at the frontier of astronomy concern the origin of the stellar mass spectrum. Essentially this question investigates why within the observable universe mass is distributed evenly throughout the universe, regardless of the original conditions. In these regards, astronomers are attempting to research stars and planetary evolution to better determine these elements. Another central question of modern astronomy is the investigation into life in the Universe. In these regards, a large number of scientific investigations have gone into the development of these concerns. One of the primary current techniques is the search for water within our own solar system, most prominently on Mars. It’s believed that through locating this water source microbial life can then be detected. The other technique is through astronomical organizations such as SETI that investigate radio waves and cosmic signals from deep space in search of potential forms of intelligent life. Another frontier concern of astronomical investigation is the existence and form of dark matter and dark energy. Modern astronomical techniques as evidenced in String Theory have sought to develop means of investigating the existence of dark matter and dark energy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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