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Energy and Development - Essay Example

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In most industrialized societies, energy demands are high. Developing countries also face imminent challenges in their quest for development in view meeting their energy demands. In reference to the MDGs,…
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Energy and Development
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Extract of sample "Energy and Development"

Download file to see previous pages This paper thematically focuses on energy development in view of attaining the millennium development goals with a bias towards developing countries.
In reference to meeting energy demands in the developing countries, the focus should be on renewable sources. Over the years, environmental pollution has been a challenge to the human population. In fact, environmental pollution poses the greatest threat to human development. In view of that, in order for the developing countries to meet their goals, the focus has to be in harnessing renewable sources of energy. The sources of renewable energy include, for instance, hydroelectric power. Electricity forms a significant energy source for both domestic as well as industrial consumption. Its generation from hydroelectric turbines makes it a preferred choice since it is relatively non pollutant to the environment. In addition, the fact that it is generated by water through rotating turbines implies that it is renewable since the water used can be used again. Its generation is in tandem with the MDGs since it promotes su8stainable environment. However, in view of developing countries, the challenge they face in generating electricity may be attributed to financial in ability as well as lack of appropriate technological expertise.
Solar offers a form of renewable energy which is both cheap and safe to the environment. In addition, the harnessing of solar as a form of energy for the developing counties would create the much needed jobs for economic sustenance. However, there are imminent challenges in adopting solar as the preferred form of energy for the developing countries. For instance, unpredictable weather patterns in some of the demography imply that it can not be relied on throughout the year. Some of the countries, for instance those in Africa, experience tropical weather patterns which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Energy and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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