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Correlate Actions and Results with Project Management Processes - Assignment Example

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These entail ideas such as, the structure of the final product and processes in between commencement and completion of the project, which…
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Correlate Actions and Results with Project Management Processes
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Extract of sample "Correlate Actions and Results with Project Management Processes"

Correlating Actions and Results with Project Management Processes Correlating Actions and Results with Project Management Processes In the beginning of the project implementation, there is always a variety of ideas and processes about the scope and purpose of the project. These entail ideas such as, the structure of the final product and processes in between commencement and completion of the project, which determine the appropriateness of the resultant product (Alan, 2008).
This calls for correlation of different ideas and parameters in the implementation processes. One of the fundamental steps involved in the correlation of processes is the identification of key interests and objectives of the project. A solution to this requires creation of a benchmark to enhance assessment of the quality of the end product (Alan, 2008).
It is crucial to develop processes which will take place in achieving the ultimate goal. This will enhance coordination, correlation, and effective implementation of the project. The idea will also facilitate the creation of order of events; this reduces chances of producing a substandard output, because the outline ensures that implementers follow the recommended procedures (Clifford and Larson, 2007).
Work break down structure will also facilitate correlation of actions, processes, and results. This is because it is a tool for strategic planning; the tool divides the project into subsections. The subsections facilitate division of labor in relation to job specialization, resource allocation, and delegation of duties among others. Project schedule will also a play part in resource allocation, and progress control (Pinkerton, 2007).
The involvement of productive employees and supervisor will also improve correlation of the project’s process. This is because their attitude and ideologies are directly proportional to the results. From this, the project implementation teams have to be keen in hiring employees. With consideration of the above inclusions, we will impact on correlating actions and results with project management processes.
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Correlate Actions and Results With Project Management Processes Assignment.
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