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Empowerment in the Management Process - Assignment Example

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A writer of the paper "Empowerment in the Management Process" discusses the point that the management of an organization will ensure employee empowerment through rewarding, training, empowering and giving their employees organizational support…
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Empowerment in the Management Process
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Extract of sample "Empowerment in the Management Process"

Empowerment in the Management Process
In the current world, it is extremely important to include employees in the management process. Through this, the organization stands to benefit in terms of having motivated employees who carry out their duties with minimum supervision. This act of involving employees in the management process is referred to as structured empowerment. Employees are empowered in their workplace in that they make management decisions related to the organization’s overall goals (Blanpain 156). The management of an organization will ensure employee empowerment through rewarding, training, empowering and giving their employees organizational support.
The first step of ensuring structured empowerment is through rewarding employees. Employees who work harder and perform better are given rewards such as bonuses or travel packages by the management. This in turn, motivates the employees who work hard in ensuring the organization’s success (Blanpain 156).
The second step the management can follow in ensuring success is through empowerment. Here, the management gives employees the power to air out their views, which can contribute towards the organization’s objectives. The employees give their views without any fear of victimization by the management (Blanpain 158).
The third step involves training employees on the essentials pertaining to daily operations in the organization. Employees are trained so that they readily handle an emergency without seeking consultations from the management (Blanpain 156).
The fourth and final step is organizational support. The employees become part owners of the organization, as they are allowed to own shares. The organization can also provide employees with moral or financial support in times of need (Blanpain 156).
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Blanpain. Rethinking Corporate Governance: From Shareholder Value to Stakeholder Value. New York: Kluwer Law International, 2011. Print Read More
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