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What Is Construction Project Management - Case Study Example

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The case study "What Is Construction Project Management" states that For the Site investigation or geological survey we carried out a site exploration consisting of sampling, boring, and testing is done to obtain geotechnical information for a safe economical geotechnical evaluation…
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What Is Construction Project Management
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Extract of sample "What Is Construction Project Management"

Download file to see previous pages The author says that it was also useful in providing our geotechnical engineers with information about the strength, compressibility and hydraulic characteristics of soil strata.
A site investigation was also very vital, firstly by allowing us the study of the general suitability of the site for an engineering project. Secondly, it ensured a safe and economic design is prepared. This helped us to save on costs that might be incurred from failure to do so. Thirdly it shed light on possible difficulties that may be encountered by a specific construction method for any particular civil project. Finally, site investigation allowed for the study of construction materials. The site investigation was carried out fully as a lack of proper site investigation or forfeiture of the entire process brings undesired consequences. There might be a significant delay and increase in construction costs when the design has to be revised or amended to cater for the unseen disasters that could have been detected in the site investigation was done. In carrying out the site investigation it only costs an extra 5% of the project which disputes the notion that forfeiture of site investigation saves on costs as this is a very small price to pay.

We prepared a document after the site investigation referred to as the Geotechnical Report. In it, we put down the summary of the content details. It provided the site description based on the analysis made by the investigators. Other information contained in the geotechnical report included: seismic ground motion data, lab data, and groundwater and drainage information. The above information is interpreted by site engineers. The investigators did not find any reason why the project should not go on and therefore gave a go-ahead. This document discussed all of the site investigation findings making their decisions with regard to them. If the findings showed that the water table was really close to the surface, the engineers would determine whether to build or not to on that site. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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