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Project management DB - Essay Example

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After carefully evaluating the qualifications of both Russell and Katy, it is one’s belief that Katy should be the second person to complete the team. Since the first person who was chosen has an expertise in designing products, it would benefit the project team more if a…
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Project management DB
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Extract of sample "Project management DB"

Project Management Project Management After carefully evaluating the qualifications of both Russell and Katy, it is one’s belief that Katy should be the second person to complete the team. Since the first person who was chosen has an expertise in designing products, it would benefit the project team more if a marketing specialist is taken into the team. Besides being a marketing specialist, Katy has the experience in designing having assumed the role of senior designer in previous projects. In terms of expertise, one can say that Katy is ahead of Russell.
With Katy being the second person, a possible conflict might ensue between her and the first person because they are both design specialists. This conflict though may be avoided by specifying the role of each person in the team even before the project has begun. It should be clear for both Katy and the first person that their cooperation is of utmost importance in the success of the project. Management must decide who among the two individuals will be the person in-charge of the design so that there will be no duplication of jobs. Even if Katy has the expertise in designing products, management must detail to her what task she has to perform in the team. It is to the best interest of the company to assign Katy to a marketing task since the design task may be handled by the first person already. It is the responsibility of management to set the goals and ground rules before the start of the project (Cooper, n.d.). This will prevent potential conflicts and ambiguities later on.
Another problem that might confront the team is the schedule of Katy. Since she can only work for approximately 10 hours a week, she should make sure that she is able to cover all her duties given the amount of time that she will be spending on the project. The first person must also be informed of the number of hours that Katy will put in on the project so that he will not expect Katy to work the same number of hours as he does.
One other point of difficulty is the issue on compensation. Since the first person will be working for 15 to 20 hours a week, while Katy will work for only 10 hours, management must come up with a fair compensation package for both. It is however management’s responsibility to observe whether the hours put in by both persons are quality time. The first person may be working more hours but the quality of work is below standards while Katy may be working less hours but the work put in is above par. This aspect should be closely monitored by management.
Cooper, A. (n.d.). Building your project team. Retrieved January 17, 2012, from Project Smart Web site: Read More
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(Project Management DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Project Management DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Project Management DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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