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Digital Chocolate - Assignment Example

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Its headquarters is at San Mateo in California State. The man behind its establishment was also the founder of the famous Electronic Arts (EA) Company, which majorly…
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Digital Chocolate
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Extract of sample "Digital Chocolate"

Digital Chocolate Task: Digital Chocolate, a company founded in 2003 by Trip Hawkins, contributes significantly to the mobilegaming. Its headquarters is at San Mateo in California State. The man behind its establishment was also the founder of the famous Electronic Arts (EA) Company, which majorly dealt in the production of computer games (Hill and Wagonfeld 3). The onset of the phone technology triggered his innovativeness; therefore, venturing into the production of the phones supported video games. The current research discloses the company’s ability to expand to other surrounding nations. The cultural diversity, commitment, as well as the prowess depicted by its workforce, has significantly enhanced its growth (Harris and Hartman 51). In as much as the company has witnessed a remarkable growth in its revenue, it has also encountered several challenges, which have disrupted its endeavor to lead in the phone gaming world. Additionally, this script highlights some of the Organizational Behavior (OB) theories, exploited by the company in attaining its success.
As the company performs its activities, the literature has it that it has faced hordes of challenges, some of which have resulted to filling of a court case. For instance, there was an epoch when the company felt threatened by the fact that Zynga, a growing mobile gaming company was threatening it. Digital chocolate complained about the usage of their trademark by Zynga. The company claimed its entitlement to the usage of the Mafia wars, while conducting business. However, by the moment of filling the complaint, Zynga had already made paramount revenues through its usage; therefore, the challenge. Sources have it that it incurred innumerable expenses during the process of filing the complaint. In addition to the above, research shows that in the recent past, the social games industry has recorded losses, and only a fraction of such industries noted a significant growth in their revenues. The key reason for the above is the poor marketing styles employed by the majority of them. The issue of virility, as well as the incorporation of a multicultural workforce, has also impeded the anticipated growth.
One of the theories highly utilized by this company is the classical organization theory. As depicted in the management of the Digital Chocolate, the above-mentioned theory enforces the reduction of diversity in an organization (Harris and Hartman 52). The management panel of the Digital Chocolate has ensured effective utilization of the above theory. The workforce only engages in those activities, in which they have much skill. The close administration, the application of reward and punishment strategy is necessary for this theory.
In order for the company to enhance its expansion, it would be necessary to incorporate all principles of the theory (Sharp and Walter 61). Additionally, it would be necessary to expand its company to international destinations. This would call for reaching a wider market. Incorporating other companies would aid the process of creating a wider market. In addition, by establishing strategies aimed at addressing the rising challenge of communication, it would be possible for the company to note a tremendous growth within a constrained time span. My intended goals for this company would be the creation of a wider market thus creating a large business empire.
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Digital Chocolate Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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