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Women and Sexuality - Essay Example

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The author of the essay "Women and Sexuality" states that the rate at which the sex industry is growing in our society is alarming. It is evident that the fight to kill this industry has proved elusive. This means that it can only be regulated, to curb the spread of sexually transmitted infections…
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Women and Sexuality
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Extract of sample "Women and Sexuality"

This will help in curbing the ever-increasing number of victims STIs and other infections. In addition, the use of condoms and other preventive devices should be overemphasized in any adult films or movies. This will help in spreading the message of constant and correct use of protective devices during sexual intercourse.
It is also beneficial to regulate the sex industry just like any business is regulated, because there are many advantages attached to it such as preventing overcrowding in the same business, and unscrupulous trading or getting involved in dangerous business activities. Base on these, the victims of the sex industry or prostitution will always follow the laws to the letter, with those not abiding being liable for punishment. As per decriminalization, it is not necessary to develop a set of extra laws to regulate the sex industry as per the already in place regulatory approaches. This has been demonstrated by countries such as Australia and New Zealand. By decriminalization, benefits have been realized in that there has been high compliance. This is because when businesses are treated without discrimination, barriers tend to reduce. There has also been increased transparency in that the model has been perceived as a whole government's approach to regulation (Brents, Barbara, and Hausbeck, 2010).
According to Bernstein and Elizabeth (2010), regulating this prevailing and escalating industry or commercial sex services premises (SSP) would call for developing consent with the historic location of SSP. Over the years, the legislation concerned with the law has also ensured that the building operating in the vicinity of mixed commercial areas, with no amenity impacts for quite some time and still unable to surrender a DA are not permitted to continue with the business.

To allow for an independent sex worker, especially those who might be found in the area which considered SSPs, would mean that their businesses are illegal in the areas thus stands a chance of prosecution. This will control the proliferation of these sex work premises into mixed-use or residential zones (Bernstein and Elizabeth, 2010).
Regulation by councils also would be particularly beneficial in ensuring that the participants in this industry adhere to the stipulated laws. This has been made probable by councils creating overly-restrictive zoning controls and, these objectives to laws put by councils are often overturned at a considerable high cost to operators (Katsulis et al, 2010).
In conclusion, regulating these industries will register a positive impact on both the victims championing it and the entire society, this will be seen especially in health issues, where the prevalence of STIs will always be counteracted. In fact, after enhancing these laws, considerable rates of STIs in sex workers operating within the decriminalized sex industry have recorded a downward trend just after the introduction of these laws. Close monitoring of these businesses will also provide or act as a source of revenue to the nation or country in question as the participants will always get legal consent from the government. Read More
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(Women and Sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 682 words, n.d.)
Women and Sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 682 words. Retrieved from
(Women and Sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 682 Words)
Women and Sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 682 Words.
“Women and Sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 682 Words”, n.d.
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