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Developing a Pre-sentence Investigation - Term Paper Example

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The term paper "Developing a Pre-sentence Investigation" states that Booking and sentencing a lawbreaker is a routine part of a law enforcement officer’s duty. However, there has been to some evidence or suspicion that the offender has broken the law or is worthy of suspicion.  …
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Developing a Pre-sentence Investigation
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Extract of sample "Developing a Pre-sentence Investigation"

Download file to see previous pages It details the circumstances of the arrest, the evidence or suspicion that led the officer to book the suspect, the crime of offense he or she is charged with, and the events after the suspect has been booked.

The pre-sentence investigation report is usually prepared by the arresting or investigating officer once the defendant/ suspect or offender is at the police precinct. This document is usually presented before a judge in the course of the hearings that may transpire in the event the accused is found guilty of the crimes for which he has been booked. This is a legal requirement. The pre-sentence investigation report is the outcome of an interview between the defendant and the investigating officer and usually includes basic information about the defendant as well as the circumstances of the arrest and the crime of which he is being charged. A typical pre-sentence report would include the following details:
The first question allows the defendant to tell his story or his version of the events in a completely open and unbiased manner. This is especially if the arresting officer is not the one who is interviewing the defendant. However, the arresting officer’ s version of these events is also as important, if not more, as the defendant usually lies to protect himself and his real intentions.

The second question allows the defendant to establish his version of the events and prove them by any evidential means possible. In a minority of cases, the arresting officer may be wrong or make an incorrect arrest depending on the circumstances, just to diffuse social tension or deal with the situation. That is why it is also important sometimes, where possible, to revisit the scene of the crime and try to contact any persons or witnesses who were there at the time the crime was committed or frequent the location or work there in the normal course of events. These witnesses or onlookers can provide invaluable clues as to the events that occurred ( website, 2011) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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