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Comparison of Sentence Structures between Arabic and English Languages - Research Paper Example

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The researcher states that a superficial comparison of the English and the Arabic languages may give a wrong connotation that the Arabic language is uniquely different in English. Although this is quite true, there are existing similarities revealed by a deeper analysis…
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Comparison of Sentence Structures between Arabic and English Languages
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Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that Arabic and English are official languages used widely but in different regions of the globe. Precisely, Arabic is the formal language in countries such as Morocco, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. An additional notable use of Arabic is in the Koran a factor that makes all the Muslims familiar with the language. This brings into context people from different regions who are Muslim adherence to have a preference of teaching a level of Arabic in their schools. It is important to highlight that, the Arabic language had different dialects, but there is an identified version which is commonly used by the media and is the one introduced in schools. A close analysis of the Arabic language reveals that it originated from the Semitic language family a factor that makes its grammar very unique. This is the reason why Arabic speakers are likely to exhibit certain challenges when trying to learn other languages. On the other hand, English is the formal language used in Europe, America, and many other countries colonized by the European countries. There is a difference between American and British English, although these differences are minimal. English speakers also face challenges when learning the Arabic language. The challenges exhibited are as a result of the distinct sentence structures in each of the two languages. This paper will explore some of the differences in sentence structure between the Arabic and the English languages. According to the existing literature that describes the different aspects that govern the Arabic language, it appears that this language comprises of 28 consonants and 8 vowels. It emerges that according to the Arabic language users, short vowels have little significance and they do not give any attention in writing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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