The Role and Impact of HR Strategies and Management Policies in Influencing the Satisfaction of Employees in an Organization - Research Proposal Example

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The proposed study allows the researcher to understand different HRM strategies and their impact on different aspects of employees in a comprehensive manner. The researcher anticipates acquiring an understanding of the HRM impact during the evaluation of one of the organizations.   …
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The Role and Impact of HR Strategies and Management Policies in Influencing the Satisfaction of Employees in an Organization
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Extract of sample "The Role and Impact of HR Strategies and Management Policies in Influencing the Satisfaction of Employees in an Organization"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher will put enormous efforts to recognize drawbacks and defects in the HRM strategies that may affect an employee and his/her satisfaction level in an adverse manner. In this regard, the researcher will try to identify and analyze HRM strategies from employers’, as well as employees’ perspective. Lastly, the proposed study will endeavor to propose solutions and identify prospects of the HRM strategies in the business organizations that will be very beneficial for future studies, as well as future employers. 
In order to carry out efficient research, it is very important for research to arrange a preliminary review of available literature, and thus, the research proposal will now discuss some of the significant aspects of studies related to the HRM and employee’s satisfaction. There is almost no firm in the world today, which is not facing the pressure of increased competition from all sides. Every new dawn raises new opportunities and new challenges for these firms. In short, it is not the profits of these firms that are on stake, it is now their existence and survival, which is on risk. This increased struggle has forced the big minds of big companies to come up with ways, approaches, and studies to increase the profitability, quality, and efficiency. It is not unusual to hear that these big minds pointed out towards employee satisfaction as one of the most important factors, along with with others, as the prime area of concern for companies interested in improving quality and efficiency and profitability (Davison, pp. 124-258, 2002). Employees are the executors of the plans and strategies on which the company needs to work. They take forwards the mission, vision and objective of the company and without them, there is no point that the company can achieve its desired objectives. They deal with the customers and they are responsible for forming the image and reputation of the company in the market.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Role and Impact of HR Strategies and Management Policies in Research Proposal)
The Role and Impact of HR Strategies and Management Policies in Research Proposal.
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