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Project development and implementation for strategic managers - Essay Example

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Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers Acknowledgement I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my supervisor, Mr. ABC who has provided me with his precious guidance, assistance as well as inspiration throughout the entire phase of the project…
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Project development and implementation for strategic managers
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Download file to see previous pages I am grateful to my parents, who have always assisted me in every step. This study only became possible for their blessings and confidence on me. Thank you all for believing in me and make myself belief that I can fulfill my dreams. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Chapter 01 – Introduction 4 Chapter 02 - Literature Review 4 Chapter 03 - Research Methods 7 Chapter 04 - Summary of the Response Details 8 Chapter 05 - Data Analysis 10 Chapter 06 – Conclusion 10 Reference List 12 Appendix 13 Chapter 01 – Introduction A project is referred to as an endeavor that is designed for achieving a unique product or result within a given time frame. The aim of a project is to bring beneficial changes to the end user or make value additions (Anderson, Grude and Haug, 2009). However, the temporary character of project differentiates itself with the usual business operation. As a result of that, the management of these two factors is completely different and requires a different approach. Project management is dubbed as the discipline that encompasses planning, organizing, motivating as well as controlling the resources of the firm to achieve particular goals (Faiz and Edirisinghe, 2009). A number of scholars have emphasized on the fact that a good project manager should encompass both management skills as well as technical knowledge. The primary goal of a project management and organization is the achievement of the project goals. However, the key constraints in this factor are time, scope, quality and budget. In addition, optimum utilization of the resources and integrating these resources to meet the predefined objectives is another challenge (Eastman, Teicholz, Saks and Liston, 2008). In this assignment, the aim is to develop a new software package and ensure its timely delivery to the client. The software to be manufactured is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, for the client company XXX3 Ltd. The company is aiming to implement CRM for the purpose of managing the relationship with customers. XXX3 Limited is an apparel retailing company and therefore the company is obvious to have a diversified customer base. The software will be designed in such a manner that it fulfills all the objectives of the company. It is expected that once the company implements CRM into their system of operation, the company will be able to maintain a good relationship with its customers. Moreover, in this turbulent business environment, management of relationship with the customers is a key issue and therefore implementation of technology or a system that promotes management of relationship with the customers is a necessary activity (Edum-Fotwe, Egbu and Gibb, 2003). Chapter 02 - Literature Review Project Management Theory Project management is a vast area and requires knowledge of domain, technology as well as administration. Moreover, for better project management a company requires specialized skills. Larson and Gray (2006) states that maintaining a positive attitude, remaining clear about the project structure and managing proper communication will greatly help a company to achieve success. Project management encompasses 5 stages that are namely initiation, planning and design, execution, monitoring and controlling and closing. (Source: Alterspark, 2013) Stage 1: - Understanding / Initiation – In the first stage, research about the area of concern is carried out and this can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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