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19th November 2013 Introduction Management team can resolve tension in a company and make it to achieve a long term vision. Individuals have different ways on how they view issues concerning the set goals of the organization…
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Download file to see previous pages Tension in the organization is not a bad thing but rather it’s healthy and constructive since tension will lead to highly functioning team that is ready to resolve any type of conflict in the organization. Management team will have to focus on challenges that may hinder the organization vision and mission, and make sure that members are open to them incase of differences. Management team should develop ways that can prevent tension in the organization since if it last for long it will lead to failure of organization goals. This paper discusses how Indaba as a music industry can achieve its long term goals under a strong management team. Indada as a music industry was founded by Matt Siegel and Dan Zaccagnino and have shown rapid growth within a duration of one year. The objective of Indaba was to come up with a serious place where session musicians could interact with other talented musicians having in mind the goal of creating a newly piece of music which would show their talent in music industry. Leadership team was working well and they had to hire chief marketing officer who was to plan how marketing of the Indaba as a music industry was reaching the audience and making sure that they were going to compete stiffly with other music rivals. The aim of marketing Indaba was to make difference with other music industries in the online music arena. Strategic information systems and values that can be used in online music arena For any organization to be successful in online music arena, it must incorporate an information systems structure that helps to manage business activities and assist in decision making. The information system structures will help in data collection and make sure that data in the music industry is processed the way the management team requires it. In Indaba music industry, they have to set a strategy that is based on how the music industry is going to compete with other industries, having in mind the goal of members to know their talents in music industry. In my opinion Indaba can use strategic level in the information system management that shows how the managers in the music industry will address the unstructured decision using the technology acceptance model. Strategic level system helps the senior managers with unstructured problems that will require a lot of capital to be fully implemented. One of the key aspects that will make Indaba music industry to be more competitive is the use of technology. Through the adoption of strategic level system (SLS) Indaba will remain at the top in the music industry. Key advantage is the financial system that is going to be used, which is going to be computerized. This means that the operation of Indaba as a music industry is going to be easier. The only disadvantage is that the system may be prone to hackers and have Indaba business strategies being known by the rivals. The use of data encryption can be used to overcome the problem of hackers and making sure that the password security key will be changed within a short time of use. On the other hand Indaba can still adopt management level that will make sure that members have been combined together so that they will accomplish the set goals and make use of available resources in efficient and effective manner. For Indaba in the music industry to achieve its goals, it will have to use other business management functions such as planning, organizing, staffing, monitoring, and motivation. Due to the use of functions of management they will have advantage of achieving their objective within a short ti ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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INDABA: ONLINE MUSIC INDUSTRY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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