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Management alternatives - Essay Example

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Management Alternatives Name Professor University Date Management Alternatives Sirkin et al’s article about Change Management may have been short in length in tackling such a complex management topic such as change management but the population of their subjects which included 225 companies when the study was conducted was comprehensive…
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Management alternatives
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Download file to see previous pages This manifests that Sirkin et al’s DICE is not just any other theory concocted by the fancy of academicians but in fact have in fact proved to be grounded on reality. The article focused on the importance of the hard side of change management which could be directly or indirectly quantified as a critical factor in the success of change management over soft side (communication, motivation, etch). The article stressed that the hard factors should be addressed first because failure to address such will result in failure that soft initiatives of change could not even take off because the initiative has already failed. The recommendations/conclusion to address change was also realistic and cognizant of the problems which change initiatives faces in the real world that is why it resulted to an overwhelming success when applied to the real world. The article however was published in 2005 and discussed a study that was conducted in 1992 and completed in 1994. While the change management approach of DICE was unquestionably successful, it was conducted aeon ago. It goes without saying that the business reality today is way different compared to 1994. Businesses today are already globalized and highly competitive where customers are increasingly getting sophisticated to name few changes in business environment that is different when Sirkin et al’s study was conducted. Thus, the study may have been more relevant if a revisit or a review on its efficacy was conducted to check if it is still valid in today’s present reality. The article could have been timely if it had integrated more recent studies about change management. One of those more recent studies is the Murthy’s concept of change management that dealt with the soft factors of change management which Sirkin et al touched in their articles. The article focused on the importance of people in implementing change in any business organization because “it is the people who will ultimately cause the change to be a success or a failure. The implications of change on individuals are important without which we can never really hope to manage large scale change effectively” (Murthy 2007: 23). According to Murthy, to effectively implement individual change, there are four approaches to make such change successful; they are behavioral, cognitive and psychodynamic. Murthy’s behavioral approach is to make the reward strategies right to make individuals receptive to change. Basically this entails understanding how individuals perceive change and to understand what makes an individual tick. These approaches are important because without understanding an individual’s behavior, no amount of reward strategy can be successful. The cognitive approach is to link goals to motivation. When an individual is already understood on how he or she perceives change and has already identified the factors that will motivate the individual to be receptive to change, such willingness to adapt to change should be aligned with the organizational goals. The psychodynamic approach is to treat people as individuals and understand their emotional states as well as your own (Murthy 2007). Simply put, treat others in the same manner we would like to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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