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Smith's Accounting and Tax Service-Can Amanda Turn Her New Business Around - Assignment Example

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This case revolves around the character named Amanda Smith who has the accounting degree, passed CPA exam at the very fast attempt and has six years experience of working in an accounting firm. Her technical skills were strong and have been undertaking management responsibilities for two to three years in tax and audit services. …
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Smiths Accounting and Tax Service-Can Amanda Turn Her New Business Around
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Download file to see previous pages Factors like ethics, global competitiveness and environment are the factors that are seen to influence how the mangers perform the four functions. Planning Planning is the process of identifying the organizational goals for future performances and then decides on the task and the resources required accomplishing these goals. In simple terms planning says the manger regarding what the organization wants to achieve in future and how they can achieve that. Planning also specifies when and how the task should be performed. Managers are seen to exactly outline what to achieve and how to achieve. By this the managers are not only concern with the success of the organization in achieving long term goals but also short term goals as well (Agarwal, 2008). In this case Amanda has committed the mistake of not planning how she will be running the business. She even failed to plan how she would run the business if it is undergoing through crisis. Lisa was recruited not on the basis of her experience or qualification; she was recruited simply because of her acquaintances with Amanda. This shows that Amanda was totally unprepared for the business; otherwise she would have followed proper recruitment processes. Amanda developed the mission and vision of her company after the business has been already started. The target market was even chosen by Amanda after starting the business. Both the things need to be done prior to starting the business. Moreover she even did not plan any thing for the slack period that her business will be facing. When the slack period commenced, she started wondering about she will be paying her employees and eventually end up into losing them. Moreover she was taking...
The four management functions are very important for the managers to follow in order to make the organization achieve its goals. If any of the four functions are not implemented by the manager then it creates a huge negative impact on the performance of the business. In this case, though Amanda has huge experience in auditing and taxation but was incapable of implementing the four function of management. She tried to do a lot of things and even done some of them but all at a wrong time. • She should now first plan how she would be running the business, where she needs to also focus on some provision in case if the business fails to achieve its expected results. Recruit a human resource manager and an operational manager who will be looking the recruitment and day to day operations respectively. Amanda should engage herself more proactively regarding monitoring the performance and assessing them so that feedbacks related to necessary correction can be provided. Proper flow of information regarding the goals of the organization should be ensured.
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