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M5A1-Conflict - Essay Example

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M5A1 Name: University: M5A1: Metro services case study Introduction Metro Services provides human resources to numerous companies. Although the company appears to provide temporal (temp) personnel, the company perceives itself as a provider of temporary specialists serving in a full time position for at least six months…
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Download file to see previous pages There conflict scenario entails several positives (for resolution) and negatives (for resolution) in favor of management group and in favor of the employee group. Some positives for resolution that are in favor of management include the high experience and training that is provided to the employees to build performance review systems and information systems. Accordingly, the low turnover, the visionary leadership of the three business partners and fair and comparable salaries will also help Metro services in resolving the conflict. In addition, 92 percent of employees assert that the owners have positive attitudes towards specialists and while 78 percent assert agree that Metro services offers opportunities to work in various companies. Some negatives for resolution that face the management include the inability to allow the specialists an opportunity in negotiating fees with the contracting companies, and lack of promotion opportunities in the company. In addition, the failure to hold employee/owner meeting for the past three years is a challenge for the management group in resolving the conflict. ...
Accordingly, employees are allowed to demonstrated individual performance and 64 percent claim that the company offers job security. In addition, 80 percent of employees perceive the salary as fair and comparable and 74 percent assert that specialist positions allow them to utilize their knowledge and skills. Some negatives that may hinder employees in cooperating during the conflict resolution include lack of adequate opportunities for promotion, the confrontation with Mr. Baker that happened in 1999 and inability of the management to belief that there is a union movement by employees since it will be detrimental to all concerned. Some of the points of contention that relate to the positives and negatives include the possibility of implementing a bonus sharing system for the excess profits earned by the management. Some positive points of contention that may create conflictual conditions include the job security since some employees perceive six months full time position as temporal position that does not guarantee any job security. Another contention is the intention of employee to create a union since the management group does not believe whether such movements are necessary when the salaries and additional benefits like 401K securities are fair. The last contentious issue is the monitoring of contracting companies and requirement for a higher performance level than agree with contracting companies. The refusal of temporary specialists to participate in negating fees with contracting companies will also be contentious. Time phased strategy of addressing the conflict The management must analyze the employee survey and identify the source of conflict in the organization. The management must identify any barriers in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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M5A1-Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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