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Personal Skills - Assignment Example

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Title: Personal Skills Introduction: Transferable skills of management refer to those skills that can be used in different employments and institutions with ease. These skills include the analytical skills, the interpersonal communication issues, making of presentations, writing, manipulation of data and figures, innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership and management capabilities, membership in different teams, methods of development, training, teaching and learning, and technical competencies that are extremely necessary for any organization and its employees (Ackerman 2006)…
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Personal Skills
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Download file to see previous pages Transferable Skills of Time Management: Transferable skills of time management reflect the way in which an individual can plan all his due projects to be submitted within time. Certain tasks are related to specific objectives and thus need specific scheduling. Using the right technology, materials and facilities for the tasks to be completed at the right time is essential. It is also needed for an individual to be self-dependent doing his own work on time as well as making scheduled plans for his team reflecting effective leadership and management. The progress of the tasks needs to be monitored as part of the scheduling process and one need to be persistent in his performance (Ellis 2012). Thus these are the transferable skills that enable individuals to manage their time effectively in order to complete and deliver all necessary tasks and projects on time. Working With Others: While completing higher education and later on carrying on with the career life, one needs to have certain interpersonal skills, particularly when they have to work along with others either as team or at the workplaces. Skills of communication are extremely essential for this purpose. It is essential to interact effectively, listen to others such that one can be accepted well in the workplace benefitting the timely completion of tasks along with healthy relationships in the workplace with all. Powers of goof communication and negotiation are certain interpersonal skills that one needs to develop in order to be successful within an organization, and such skills are initially developed at the higher education institutes (What are Interpersonal Skills? 2013). Use of ICT and Managing Learning: Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) has become extremely vital in present day learning and education. With ICTs the modern system of learning and education has developed significantly, thereby developing the ways in which individuals can learn and manage their learning. With information technologies, the traditional forms of teaching are available in the classrooms but along with that the benefits include making notes and study structure available online such that students can access them even when they are not in classrooms. Also, since internet has its widespread use in the present day world, with ICTs involved in learning management, students get the facilities and opportunities to learn and utilize the use of internet technology before they enter the professional life. Thus it helps to manage the learning process of the students without affecting the classroom based teaching (Punie, Zinnbauer and Cabrera 2008). Academic Skills: Different academic skills also develop students. Individuals need to learn how to identify and choose the correct information and sources for their learning to be more effective. For this students need to make use of internet sources as well and carry out detailed research to identify the right sources for their learning. This is also a part of the transferable and interpersonal ski ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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