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Every organization requires to know what they are doing and how things will be done. It is imperative for an organization to ensure that an organization has efficient operation of its business activities and that the roles of each worker are stipulated. …
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Google and Yahoo
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational structure, design and culture play an imperative role in organizational effectiveness and success. This is because they assist an organization to comprehend itself and enable the workers to work together to achieve all the tasks and achieve all the objectives of the company. These are aspects that an organization cannot neglect in its development. The concepts of organizational culture, structure and design have received considerable attention within organizational theory in the past decade. Researchers, consultants and mangers, have gravitated to the conception of culture, structure and design to encompass the special approach to life and creation of meanings which evolve within an organization. Different organizations have different organizational structures, designs and cultures. Yahoo incorporation is one of the renowned companies in the world for its internet services. It is an American company that offers search engine services, web portal, internet directory, news, finance and advertising. Some of the services offered by Yahoo Company include “Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Answers” (Media Relations, 2005). According to Media Relations (2005), approximately seven hundred million people use its internet services every month. ...
Yahoo incorporation faces stiff competition from Google Company. Google is an American company that offers internet services and products. Such products and services include cloud computing, software, search, and advertising technologies. Google was established by Brin Sergey and Page while studying in Stanford University in 1996 (Google, 2013). These two founders own about 17 percent of the stake of the company. The company offers internet software including electronic mail, social networking and office suite. The company has ventured into mobile phone software where it leads innovator of Android mobile phone operating system. The company has ventured a lot into the communications hardware by partnering with primary electronic producers across the world (Google, 2013). Google Company operates an estimate of one million servers across the world, with more than one billion search requests every day. According to CNBC (2007), Goggle is the most visited search engine and website across the world. Just like Yahoo, Google offers its search services in different languages. It is one of the best performing corporations in the world. Google Company also owns You Tube and Blogger sites. This company started as a research project. It was initially referred as “BackRub” where it only analyzed other websites to determine their relevance. It was later named Google, and started working under Stanford University’s website (Google, 2013). The company is headed by a CEO. The multifaceted contacts between employees and workers in Google are seen as determinants of behavior in the place of work (Eliud, 2012). It is one of the companies with a unique organizational culture. Part I: Structure and Design Organizational structure implies an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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