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Child labor is a pertinent problem in most developing countries. This vice is mostly perpetrated by large multinationals especially in farms that exploit children in search of cheap labour. The aim of using child labour is to maximize profits by taking advantage of high poverty levels in developing countries. …
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Sustainable Management Future
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, according to teleological theory, an action is good if the outcome is desirable. For example, by companies building more schools for children in such developing countries, they will help the children to improve their later lives and be more resourceful people to the companies and the society in future, which is a desirable outcome. Consequently, some companies with FDIs in developing countries have undertaken to support local education by building local schools for their workers’ children (Dagdemir and Acaroglu, 2010) Scenario 3 Integrity may be defined as the fit between course and calling. It is as a result of consistent and continuous relationship between the mission, vision, and values of an organisation and the values of an individual. Integrity is defined by individuals themselves. Integrity goes beyond ethics in that it is the characteristics that define an individual that are considerate, transparent, honest, ethical, and compassionate. Trust is critical in defining integrity; a person who does not attract trust and confidence is not regarded as trustworthy, implying their value is destroyed (Quigley, 2007). On the other hand, loyalty results from mutual relationship based on trust, fairness, and integrity, all values that define the success of a company. Loyalty refers to doing the job that one is obligated to do, and doing it to the best of one’s ability, with both elements of integrity and honesty. Therefore, Integrity complements loyalty, without which the value of loyalty loses its meaning. Sometimes, it is good to lie in business, though such lies must be ethical. Boylon (2000) explains utilitarianism theory by stating that an action can only be considered morally right when the act results in more good for...
In postmodern view of values, a dilemma or fragmentation is accepted as part of human condition. However, in this case, there are no established truths or values (Holtzhausen & Voto, 2002). What is thought to be true is as a product of discourse emerging from both power and knowledge. The manager has to portray organizational activism in their decision making process, portraying a need to change from traditions. For example, a manager in an ethical problem will try to change from acting normally by upholding the dignity of the people involved as employees and championing for the rights of such employees. The manager will thus look beyond profits for the organization to consider the concern of all those involved, and try to resist the dominant power that may work against such involved parties. For example, if a company is making a loss, the manager will not hasten to cut wages or sack employees, but will fight to resist this by trying different methods that will ensure all parties emerge from the crisis more empowered. In pragmatic consideration of values, the inability to ground any values in overarching theories such as Marxism, Christianity, Islam, or capitalism does not prevent people from making sensible decisions for ensuring a civil and well-mannered life .
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