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How Roche Diagnostics Develops Global Managers - Research Paper Example

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Insert Name Tutor Course Date Abstract That the world has changed is a matter that is not only being epitomised by the dynamics of the 21st century, but a matter that is also underscored by the manner in which development in information and technology has knit the world into a single global village…
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How Roche Diagnostics Develops Global Managers
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Download file to see previous pages It is for this reason that the acquisition of global leadership is being considered as a salient feature in business success both at the national and international levels and private and public sectors. 1. Discussing the Responsible Party for Producing Global Leaders The human resources (HR) department is the party with the responsibility to produce global leaders. This is because, it is the HR department that can and should plan, designate, train and also provide compensation plans for engagements with international personnel. The HR department can also make arrangements to have an organisation be able to handle global differences among countries which affect organisational decisions. Apart from extending its recruitment drives to an international market, it is also true that it is the HR department which can persuade a rigid and conservative management into accepting recruitment drives to be made a multinational affair. 2. The Possible Ramifications of Not Having Global Leaders The failure to have global leaders within an organisation is likely to inhibit the organisation’s chances for broadening its opportunities to an international level. This is because the presence of global leaders will help the HR department and managers understand the principles and practices that prevail in the global markets. At the same time, the absence of global leaders in an organisation will not help the locals in a foreign market identify with the organization. This is because, organizations which have their rank and file coming from the mother country are almost always deemed as foreign corporate entities. This is to the effect that if an organisation fails to mingle its personnel with people from different races, religion or country, then the same organisation is likely to carry state-specific stigma. This may inhibit the speed and ease with which the organisation is to penetrate the market and get legally registered. Again, the same failure and subsequent stigma will help cripple the organisation’s volume of sales and stunt its market share (Griffiths, 137). 3. Roche’s Perspectives Program Based on the O’Toole chapter on public policy, the possible changes that can be made in the U.S. to encourage companies to become global leaders must include and take cognisance of the Perspectives Global Accelerated Talent Development Programme (PGATDP). This will portend, the targeting of individuals who are passionate about bringing significant contributions to their industry, but are still at a nascent stage of career development. This will also elicit the need for the factoring and use of experiential learning and development on these talented young professionals. At the same time, the US government and American businesses should work closely to craft new, more effective and broader global networks. Similarly, there should be the rejuvenation of employee exchange and transfer programmes, with emphasis being placed on the aforementioned young employees. This will help these young employees to build broader global networks, experience different areas of entrepreneurship, gain experience on how to manage different networks and accrue skills that will be needful for the advancement of one’s career. The US government can then in turn take to extend business incentives to organisations that practice the PGATDP programme (Griffiths, 137). It may also be imperative for the US government to expand its education, training and community development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Roche Diagnostics Develops Global Managers

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