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How About You - Term Paper Example

According to Kohlberg’s levels of moral development I am in the third level of moral development as I do not give preference to interest of individuals and take decisions while paying emphasis to the interest of all those who are being affected by others (Trevin?o 77). I believe that the decisions I make as a manager should not interest one part of the organizations, my decisions should be profitable for all the individuals including the top level and the lower level of the organization. Lastly, all my decisions will be made in a rational manner, this means that my decisions will be made after all the facts and figures are taken into account. As an individual and even as a manager I have an internal locus of control. This means that I believe in taking responsibility for all the actions and events that take place in the organization and I do not hold other responsible for all the events taking place. For example: if the organization experiences success under my management, I would believe that the organization experienced success as a hard work of my team and I was not only the person who should take credit of the success. Similarly if the organization experiences losses, I would believe that the loss was caused because I failed to manage properly. Machiavellianism refers to the dark side of the personality of an individual, those who score high on the scale of Machiavellianism tend to be self oriented, they give priority to their own interest over the interest of others and tend to live

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for themselves. Those who score low on this scale give preference to the overall society and believe in the interest of the overall society instead of giving importance to individual interest. I score less on this scale because I am more people oriented and keep the interest of the overall organization in mind while making decisions. Mora disengagement is term used to define a situation in which an individual or an organization believes that they do not have to operate in accordance to the moral standards under a particular situation. This means that an individual believes that certain moral standards do not apply in certain scenarios. I am in favor of moral disengagement where the purpose is to serve and benefit the overall organization. For example: firing an employee for a mistake may be bad for the overall society, but I would still take the decision if it is in the best interest of my organization and people working within the organization. The four ethical values that I assume to be of great importance include integrity, honesty, charity and responsibility. Integrity is important to me as I am a manager and I have to give importance to the ethical code of conduct in order to operate as an example for people working under me. Honesty is the most important ethical value to me because without honesty, one cannot maintain trust which is very essential if an individual wants to lead while in a managerial position. My truthfulness towards my delegates and my work will become an example for my delegates and they will follow my example. I believe in charity because I believe that everyone needs assistance at some point in time and if I will assist my employees in solving their every day family and professional issues, they will even do the same when I need them. Taking responsibility is important because individuals who do not take responsibility fail to manage situations
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How About You Managers in their every day decision making has to come across various situations in which they have to make ethical decisions. The ethical decision making system I would prefer to apply as a manager is making decision in accordance to the utilitarian rule of ethics…
How About You
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