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Whether or not euthanasia should be allowed in the USA - Research Paper Example

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Euthanasia that is even regarded as physician assisted suicide has gained ample amount of popularity throughout the world and there has been a debate of whether the act should be legalized in USA or not. Euthanasia should be legalized in USA because majority of the population…
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Whether or not euthanasia should be allowed in the USA
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Extract of sample "Whether or not euthanasia should be allowed in the USA"

Euthanasia Should Be Allowed In USA Introduction Euthanasia that is even regarded as physician assisted suicide has gained ample amount of popularity throughout the world and there has been a debate of whether the act should be legalized in USA or not. Euthanasia should be legalized in USA because majority of the population supports legalization, it is ethically correct for an individual to decide about their death and it reduces suffering.
The policy makers in the United States are there to serve in the best interest of its citizens. They should make policies that are supported by the majority of the population. In case of legalization of Euthanasia, the act should be legalized because a major chunk of the population is supporting it and the support is increasing. PEW research reports that within a period of eight years the support for legalization of euthanasia has increased from 47% to 49% (PEW 1).
Euthanasia should be allowed in United States because it is an ethically correct decision. According to the ethical decision making system of utilitarianism, only those acts and decisions are correct that result in the heights amount of happiness of the society (Su 65). Euthanasia relieves the patient as well as their family members from severe emotional and physical pain and helps in solving their financial issues. Therefore, euthanasia is an ethical act and should be allowed.
Euthanasia is mainly administered to patients who are suffering from a deadly disease such as cancer. Due to this the patient and his family members experience ample amount of stress emotionally, financially as well as physically. According to Farina, per patient per year cost of cancer management ranges around $60K to $90K. Euthanasia is a way to end all these sufferings of the patient and other stake holders.
Euthanasia should be allowed in United States as the major percentage of the population is US support it and the support is increasing. It should be allowed because it is ethically correct under the light of utilitarian code of ethics. Allowing euthanasia in US will decrease the emotional, physical and financial burden of the patient and other stakeholders.

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