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Are Some Leaders Toxic from Their Birth or Is it Situational? Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Behaviour of Toxic Leaders 3 Rise and Fall of the Three Leaders in the Context of Walton’s ACE Framework 4 Dimension A: Observing the Behaviour of the Executive as Actor 5 Dimension C: Internal Context 8 Dimension E: External Circumstances 9 Analysis of Growth and Decline of Three Prominent Leaders 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Appendix 15 Introduction In the recent times, the issue of toxic leadership has acquired immense attention and has become a largely debatable topic in media as well as for researchers…
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Toxic leadership more deatails will be up loaded
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"Toxic leadership more deatails will be up loaded"

Download file to see previous pages Toxic leaders are of different shapes and sizes. Contextually, intentionally toxic leaders consciously harm others or enrich themselves at the cost of others, while unintentionally toxic leaders cause serious harm to others by their irresponsible behaviour and their incompetence. It is worth mentioning that most of the toxic leaders are relatively not toxic at every time. They may exhibit toxic behaviour in certain circumstances but not in others. Moreover, the degree of toxicity generated by these leaders may not be the same and their toxicity may be varying. At the same time, their actions and the variable degree of toxicity represented by them may result in different form and intensity of harm (Lipman-Blumen, 2005). Behaviour of Toxic Leaders Initially, the behaviours of toxic leaders are appealing but eventually they manipulate, maltreat and demoralize their followers. Ultimately, the toxic leaders are engaged in an array of destructive behaviours. ...
deliberate untruth Pretending to be incompetent and misdiagnosing problems and issues Maliciously setting goals and objectives to be achieved by their followers Demonstrating failure to develop and enhance skills and knowledge of their followers Dominating their followers and others by the misuse of their power and position Behaving arrogantly to negatively influence the behaviour of their followers and others Source: (Lipman-Blumen, 2005) Rise and Fall of the Three Leaders in the Context of Walton’s ACE Framework Walton (2007) views leadership behaviour through three lenses that make up ACE framework. Contextually, ACE framework stands for actor, context and external environment. Furthermore, ACE framework from the point of view of Walton, what he considers as ‘Lenses’ has been precisely depicted below: Lens1: observing the behaviour of the executive as actor Lens2: viewing the internal context of the organisation Lens3: re-viewing the external circumstances in which the organisation operates Source: (Walton, 2007) In order to evaluate the leadership behaviour of three leaders on the basis of Walton’s ACE framework, the selected leaders’ names include Yulia Tymoshemko, Bob Diamond and George W. Bush. Dimension A: Observing the Behaviour of the Executive as Actor Yulia Tymoshenko as an Actor Yulia V. Tymoshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine happened to be the Prime Minister after emerging as a hero of the country’s Orange Revolution that calmly removed pro-Russian regime during the year 2004. However, constant hostility with her allies dragged her government down and as a result of this she was defeated in the presidential election during February 2010 (The New York Times, 2012). Furthermore, in the year 2011, Ms. Tymoshenko was charged with abuse of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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