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Business Risk Management - Assignment Example

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Business Risk Management Name: Institution: A heavily anticipated report on working conditions of Apple supplier documents dozens of outstanding labor rights violations. Some of these labor violations cover; excessive overtime, unpaid wages and salaries that are not enough to cover basic living expenses and also mistreatment of its workers (Froeb & McCann, 2009, p…
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Business Risk Management
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Download file to see previous pages 132). The average of three hundred and fifty dollars they receive is as too low to cater for the needs and demand of their families. Working hours and salaries: Within the last ten months, all the three Apple factories operating in China exceeded both the Chinese legal limits on working hours and the fair labor association standards. The fair labor association allows a maximum of sixty working hours per week, including both standard shifts and paid overtime. According to its survey, the Apple branches in China broke this rule by subjecting its employees to more than maximum working time per week. Though the workers are forced to work over the limits allowed by both the government and the fair labor association, Apple own investigation has shown that most of its facilities located in foreign countries broke legal limits by failing to pay proper overtime wages as stipulated by the law(Sad grove, 2005, p. 338). The fair labor associations found that almost a quarter of Foxconn’s workers do not get the compensation they are owed for unscheduled overtime. Health and safety: Almost half of the employees surveyed, by the fair labor federation, said that they were either experiencing or witnessing some kind of work related accident. Before FLA investigations, Foxconn recorded only accidents that resulted to production stoppages (Pickett, 2006, p. 275). This has for a long time led to torture of many of its workers, who had no one to return to their rescue. Prevention of underage labor: In its 2006 audit, Apple Company placed some of its findings on its website. Its current reports, on breach of labor and human rights including the use of underage workers, indicated that in more than hundred of its facilities, excessive work hours were a common thing and that most of those facilities failed to pay proper overtime wages (Froeb & McCann, 2009, p. 204). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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