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Environmental Management Approaches and Ideologies at the Companies - Coursework Example

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This paper presents the environmental management approaches and ideologies at the companies. Due to the increase in global environmental protection awareness, organizations adhering to environmental management approaches will have and possess a competitive advantage over their counterparts…
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Environmental Management Approaches and Ideologies at the Companies
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Extract of sample "Environmental Management Approaches and Ideologies at the Companies"

Download file to see previous pages Scientific reports and findings have recently indicated that global warming and environmental degradation is happening at a faster rate than the world expected. The changes as a result of this global phenomenon are quite drastic and happening at a faster rate and a greater magnitude than the world initially thought and anticipated. Therefore with the occurrence of all these resource-related happenings, the world needs to develop activities and mechanisms to ensure that all these issues are tackled professionally and the development activities therein become sustainable and environmental friendly causing minimal depletion of the non-renewable resource bases. (Haynes, 1997)
The green companies not only become sustainable to comply with the legislation and regulations of the relevant environmental management authorities or are they attempting to satisfy and meet the demands put upon them by the customers but most of these companies have a self-drive to go green and support sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chains ensuring that the natural resources are used in sustainable and clean development approaches. (Ake, 1995)
The supply chains comprise of the purchase sector and the inbound logistics and this has the role of achieving and acquiring products to the company for purposes of providing the raw materials for production. The related activities, therefore, can have significant effects on the environment and its related protection and conservation. Some of the activities related to this are issues like outsourcing, selection of the use of materials and the choice of the vendors. This might have significant impacts on the health and sustainability of the environment and its resources. For example, the implication of outsourcing of recycled materials from distant supplies or the involvement with a vendor or supply who uses toxic materials, have therefore a direct implication on nature and sustainability potential of the environment. (Anyara, 1995)
In the area of production, companies realize that they have to design their goods in a manner that the raw materials and the related wastes are environmentally friendly and can cause minimal harm to the health and stability of the environment by extracting the minimal amounts of resources from nature. Equally the by-products should deliver the lowest possible wastes with minimal negative impacts on the environment with minimal pollution. As it is applied in quality control of the products and services of an entity, environmental degradation, and management with sustainability has also permeated and evolved within production entities over the years. Companies therefore have and should make it central to ensure that the employees participate in activities that clean services and product development (Chocker, 1995). Issues like material recovery, remanufacturing and the disassembly of products play a very vital part in the operations and running of industries. Over the years it has been found that companies have failed to enact and ensure environmental sustainability due to negligence, governments have equally failed to enforce laws relating to environmental protection and sustainability due to the incompetence of officials and legislation implementers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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