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Evaluating Learning Curve for Kitchen Renovation - Research Paper Example

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 The purpose of this paper, the concepts of learning curves to kitchen renovation. Kitchen remodeling or renovation presents many tasks that can be studied and improved through learning curves. The learning curve is the graphical display of varying rate of learning…
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Evaluating Learning Curve for Kitchen Renovation
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Download file to see previous pages The objective of incorporating learning curves technique is to avoid steep learning curves and learn kitchen remodeling skills in a small amount of time.  The cumulative average curve is used to measure the learning curve and determines the efficiency of learning in quantified format. For the kitchen renovation project of 30 square feet of space, the rate of improvement was found to be 20%, which gives the learning percent of 80 in quantifiable terms (100 - 20 = 80). Learning efficiency was significant even for the purchased parts for which the efficiency remains in the region 80%-85% (Cyr, 2007). Kitchen remodels budgeting was the critical factor in determining the magnitude of the cumulative average curve. The general contractor was hired for the budgeting portion and over $500 was spent on budgeting alone. This cost was added to the total cost and then the learning efficiency was calculated. For installing ducts and plumbing, the learning curve remained above 70%, consuming 80 hours each. On the other hand, the learning curve for rewiring and installing lights was higher than plumbing. Due to proficiency in these tasks, less labor and time was consumed which instantly increased the learning efficiency and pushed it in the range of 85%-90%. Both of these tasks (lighting and rewiring) consumed 55-60 hours each. Follow-up on orders It is extremely crucial for a project manager to follow up on its products and services. Finishing and selling the product is one part of the battle, providing assistance after selling is another part of the job and constitutes as the backbone of customer retention. For the kitchen remodeling project, there are various aspects that need following up. Maintenance of various items is the necessary part of this project. The paint and varnish on the walls take some careful supervision after applying and needs following up. Enhancement and ongoing support are very important for a good customer feedback. Electric wiring system needs a lot of care after installing. Follow up on the electric circuit as well as kitchen appliances counts as a regular follow up for the kitchen renovation. For this project, repairing drywalls of the kitchen required maintenance and follow up with the drywall contractor. This follow-up didn’t require any additional costs. There was also some problem in kitchen cabinets, which was discovered after installing them. Immediate replacement cabinets were called for from the contractor as he was responsible for all follow-ups. Finish carpenter was an independent contractor and the services he provided were not included in the initial contract. Therefore for tasks like Trim Molding, no follow-up service was available. For maintenance of the molding, the same carpenter was hired again at additional charges to take care of the moldings. The similar case was with the Laminate flooring, as a contractor was rehired to take care of the new flooring tiles. Another item which demands attention after purchase and installment is the Kitchen oven. Installment and the actual price of the oven were included in the contract price but maintenance and follow up was for one year only.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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