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How Does Paid Employment Affect Your Identity - Essay Example

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Paid employment affecting identity In the modern era, the identity of an individual depends upon the nature of his employment. People tend to create an identity of their own in the society based on his level of income. The nature of employment has been detrimental in building up one’s own identity in the society…
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How Does Paid Employment Affect Your Identity
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"How Does Paid Employment Affect Your Identity"

Download file to see previous pages Marxist view of capitalist work: Karl Marx’s theory of capitalism is significant enough to understand the relationship of the identity of an individual with that of the nature of his employment. Karl Marx explained in his work, the role of capitalism in shaping the modern society. In his theory he mentioned the effectiveness of capitalism in maintaining a relationship between different classes (Klegg, 1990, p.55). According to the theory, the goal of the capitalist is to gain maximum profit in the business and generally the capitalist reach their goals by the exploitation of the labor class. The capitalist exploit the conditions of the labors by paying the labors with wages which are much lesser than their efforts they put in for the work. The difference in the value of the wages paid to the workers acts as a source of profit for the capitalist. According to the theory it can be comprehended that the motive of the capitalist are always fulfilled as they take an upper hand and decides the fate of the others. This nature of the capitalist or the employers identifies them as exploiters of the society and the workers or the laborers in the society are referred as the exploited section of the economy (Baiman, et al, 2000, pp.42-44). The general identification of the two broad division of the society can be attained from the theory of the capitalist work by Karl Marx. Karl Marx also held the idea that the economic structure of the society has a high level of influence on the thoughts of the human being and also guides the behavior of the people. The thought process and the behaviorist pattern of the individuals is a guiding factor for setting of an identity in the society and determine the overall reputation of the individual. The Marxian theory also classifies the social structure based on the nature of employment of the persons. (Anderson & Taylor, 2010, p.17) Ervin Gofman’s theory of dramaturgy and Impression management: The concept of dramaturgy was framed by the sociologist Erving Goffman, where he brought in the idea that the life of the individuals is symbolical to a never ending play or drama and the people are the mere actors in the stage of life (Ritzer, 2004, p.211). The theory of impression management was also devised by him where he stated that the individuals show a general tendency to manipulate the behavior of others in the stage of life. In depicting the behavior of others various factors creep which are social setting, appearance and manner of interaction of an individual. These factors help to establish the relation between the identities of an individual and the nature of his paid employment (Kendall, 2011, p.574). The social setting of a person is one of the guiding factors to determine the identity of a person. The income level of a person builds up the social setting of a person and subsequently helps in creating his identity in the society. An Individual with high level of income tends to have a flamboyant social setting does his best to create an identity among the people that he belongs to the upper level of society. On the contrary the lower economic sections of the society do not have much resource to draw the attention of people. Their social setting is devoid of any materialistic thing as they face hard time in fulfilling their primary needs. According to Goffman, appearance of a person is also a crucial factor in setting up his identity in t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Does Paid Employment Affect Your Identity Essay. https://studentshare.org/management/1439789-how-does-paid-employment-affect-your-identity.
“How Does Paid Employment Affect Your Identity Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/management/1439789-how-does-paid-employment-affect-your-identity.
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Paid Employment and Identity
13). However, as time passes by many aspects of our lives change and it becomes necessary to reshape our identity. In modern times, there are advancements in technology, increased mobility and unemployment leading to lack of clear categories for identification and therefore the dialectic has been in favour of paid employment especially due to the protestant work ethic.
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How Does Paid Employment Affect Your Identity
One’s identity is frequently theorized either as an individual (personal identity) or as a group (social identity) (Cote & Levine, 2002, p. 23). Personal identity can be described as the organization of one’s perceptions and individual evaluations that are important to them, with regard to individual concepts, image, or self-esteem.Social identity is described as the way an individual is viewed by others (Woodward, 2004, p.
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How Does Paid Employment Affect Person's Identity
When asked who they are person may say that “I am a doctor” or an engineer and so on. Identity is a distinctive feature of a person or a group of people that set him or them apart from others. Personal identity entails individuality, self esteem and self image.
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How Does Paid Employment Affect Your Identity
Other suggested meanings of identity is that it is a transitive property, wherein if A is the same person as B, and B is the same person as C, then A is the same person as C (Martin and Barresi, 2003). Still another definition of identity is how we see ourselves, our roles, how we relate to others and how we converse, as well as how we live our working lives (Ibarra, 2003).
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How Does Paid Employment Affect The Identity

This paper is primarily based on discussing if paid employment affects the workers’ identities or not, in what ways, and also the factors influencing those identities within the organizational setup. The way a worker perceives his or her identity in response to the type of employment he or she is engaged with influences the organizational behavior displayed by him or her.

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Experts have all weighed in and published many books and articles to warn the populace just how damaging such a life actually is and how it could change the person’s identity. On US television, there are at least five syndicated health shows on every day and there are even entire networks dedicated to the subject.
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Lastly, the firm will decide which method of financing the organization will use to acquire the necessary assets to meet with production demands. Consequently an organization can use the available information in order to create the projected income statements and balance sheets as well as estimating the earnings per share, dividends per shares, as well as forecasting key financial ratios and measures in order to determine the viability of the new project.
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How does paid employment affect your identity Your answer should include discussion of theory and concepts covered in Term 1 of BEM2004
The issue of paid employment is very much vital or important towards the employees particularly as a source of income. Work is also important to the employees as a means of identity. The relationship employment is very important not only in terms of
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Based on the apparent fit between South America and Africa Wegener hypothesized there was a time when the entire continent was joined together as one supercontinent called Pangaea. The supercontinent later broke
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