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Training and development in Human Resources Management (HRM) - Essay Example

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Training and development is an imperative segment of Human Resources Management (HRM) in every organization. It is considered to be an integral system of an organization. Training assists the employees to contribute their best to the organizational development . …
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Training and development in Human Resources Management (HRM)
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Download file to see previous pages On the similar context, development can be described as the process of attaining adequate knowledge as well as skills that might be utilised even in the future (Fitzgerald, “Training Versus Development”). Thus, development process prepares the human resources to take up further responsibilities in the future. Training and development program in an organization ensures that the skill development and up-gradation of its employees are carried-out in a structured process. It is essential for organizations in the current day context to properly train as well as develop their employees for the improvement of their business performances. This is because regular augmentation of the skills and proficiencies of the employees is necessary for developing innovative approaches for the production of new products and services in the organization (Haynes & Fryer, “Human Resources, Service Quality and Performance: A Case Study”). Thus, training and development of employees performs an important role in the creation of innovation in the organization and also in bringing about positive organizational changes. Moreover, the training and development component of HRM plays a significant role in the succession planning of an organization. ...
In the present research paper, the scope and dimension of training and development process will be attributed to a situation where the process is required to be implemented upon a newly recruited first line supervisor in a paper company, Jay Inc. The process will be imparted upon the newly recruited employee by the one previously holding the first line supervisor’s position and has now been promoted as store manager. The various required issues that will be essential for the promoted employee in order to impart training to the newly recruited employee will be discussed widely in this research paper. Job Analysis and Job Description Job analysis and job description are two of the most essential interconnected operations in an organization. Information about a job is collected through the process of job analysis, the findings of which are compiled in a job description. For the efficient creation of a job description, it is essential that the extent of information about the job is kept large and wide. However, the information quality is the greatest determinant of the successful accomplishment of job analysis and job description. The collection process of information should be concentrated upon collecting realistic and accurate data. In this regard, the job incumbents are the most appropriate provider of information (American University of Beirut, “Job Analysis and Description”). Hence, in the case of Jay Inc, crucial information about the job details of first line supervisor can easily be gathered as the task has been provided to the employee who was in the same position, a few days earlier. The main task of the first line supervisors is to direct workers in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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