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Building a House for the Handicapped - Term Paper Example

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Building a House for the Handicapped {Your Name} {Date} 1. Definition a. Managing the Project Process i. Stakeholders: The stakeholders for this project include members of the handicapped community, relevant construction experts, disabilities advocates and the funding programme (possible federal funding)…
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Building a House for the Handicapped
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"Building a House for the Handicapped"

Download file to see previous pages iii. Benefits analysis: A benefit analysis must be carried out to ensure that the project is justified. A qualitative benefit analysis as well as a quantitative benefit analysis would ensure that all possible aspects are covered. The qualitative benefit analysis would comprise of various aspects that make handicapped housing better than simpler abodes for disabled individuals. The quantitative analysis could comprise of the cost benefit analysis which would determine if the proposed project is better than existing solutions. (Flyvbjerg, Bruzelius, & Rothengatter, 2003) b. Initial Planning i. The planning process would need to take into account the proposed design to facilitate disabled individuals as well as the compliance of this design with guidelines and relevant laws. This would be followed by procurement planning and subsequently construction planning. ii. WBS (Work Breakdown Structure): The WBS approach ensures that a larger project is distributed into smaller components that can be defined individually. The various work areas are articulately defined so that they are mutually exclusive. This helps to define the complete scope of the project with relative ease. (Haugan, 2001) The WBS for the project is presented below: iii. SWOT analysis: SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) represents the internal strengths and weaknesses of a project or business operation. (Armstrong., 2006) The SWOT analysis for the project is presented in the matrix below: Strengths Weaknesses well planned execution; help from volunteer groups; well established trends to take cue from. mismanagement during construction; underestimated timelines; underestimated costs; provision for specialised services will add to cost. Opportunities Threats government funding support; volunteer based help. solution may not be the most feasible solution around; budgetary overruns. iv. SOW (Statement of Work): A SOW is a formal piece of documentation that defines the total work activities along with deliverables within a timeline. Often a SOW is used for coordination between provider / vendor and the concerned client. Generally detailed price breakups and requirements are included in a SOW as well as any relevant regulations and governance conditions. A SOW will be developed for the project to enhance traceability as well as measurability of the overall progress. (Nielsen, 2009) 2. Design a. Time planning i. Constructing a time plan will be done through standard tools such as Microsoft Project to create a comprehensive Gantt chart as per the WBS. This will enable the executing party to take full measure of the time involved along with the resources involved. ii. Tasks dependencies will be listed within the prepared timeline and will be kept to a minimum in order to ensure that the WBS is allowed to function fully. Major task dependencies will include approval of planned materials (including plot plans and construction blueprints), building foundations, creating walls, building the roofing and floors. Finishing will depend on these tasks during which special elements such as ramps, communication equipment etc. would be added to facilitate disabled people. b. The critical chain approach ensures that project planning and management depends largely on resource requirements. This is opposed to traditional methods such as PERT and critical path. The CCPM (critical chain project ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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