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Effective Leadership [University] [Instructor Name] Effective Leadership There are a number of factors that add to the success of an organization but the most important factor of all is effective leadership. If the leadership of an organization is effective, the organization can grow miraculously…
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Effective Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Effective leadership is highly important in an organizational setting. A leader of an organization plays a significant role in the success of an organization. There have been prominent examples in the past in relation to the success of organizations merely due to effective leadership of those organizations (Lussier, 2009). Leadership is different from the management of an organization. The management of an organization directs the workforce of the organization without involving the employees in the decision making. The management merely directs the employees and it does not take into account the will or commitment of the employees to complete the task. A manager only wants a specified task done in accordance with the specific set of directions given by the manager within a rigid deadline. This can be frustrating for the employees and it may affect their efficiency. Thus, due to the lack of efficiency in the employees, the organization as a whole may lag behind and there may be lack of motivation among the human resource of the organization. On the other hand, a leader does not impose any duties to his staff or his subordinates. Unlike a manager, a leader involves his subordinates in the decision making processes and exceeds his expectations towards them in order to acquire feedback from his subordinates. In this manner, the subordinates not only get motivated to perform the task more effectively and efficiently but they also perform their valuable opinions in the decision making process. It is one of the basic traits of effective leadership that the leader makes all the decisions collectively. Due to the involvement by the subordinate staff, there are a number of different options that come up, thus the leader is provided with a number of options so that he may choose the best option. Thus, in an organization with an effective leadership, there is high level of motivation among the subordinate staff and this high motivation results in the increase in the overall efficiency of the operations of the organization (Armstrong, 2006). A leader may involve the subordinate staff in a number of ways. Different manners of involvement of the employees by the leader work for different organizations. In some organizations, a leader might present his own opinion and try to sell it to the subordinate staff by presenting the arguments in favor of his opinion. He may also seek feedback from the subordinates in order to ensure that they have been convinced by his opinion and they accept it completely. In another case, the leader might ask for the opinions of the subordinates along with their supporting arguments and he may choose the option after taking feedback from the subordinates and the option that he seems as best. A leader might also provide his opinion and ask the subordinates for any feasible modifications in the leader’s plan. Therefore, it can be said that a leader plays a highly important role in an organization for the efficiency and success of the organization. An effective leader is also very convincing among the employees of an organization therefore it is in the hands of the leader to drive the organization on its way to success. In case of a change in the organization, an effective leade ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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