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BEA Systems Inc Management Practices - Case Study Example

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The following case study "BEA Systems Inc Management Practices" is focused on the concept of management that has gained due popularity owing to its extended use in regards to modern business organizations. Reportedly, the term management is observed to have emerged from the Latin term ‘manus’…
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BEA Systems Inc Management Practices
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Extract of sample "BEA Systems Inc Management Practices"

Download file to see previous pages The concept management gained impetus owing to its linkage to managerial activities pertaining to decision making regarding the optimum allocation and economical use of scarce organizational resources. A more current understanding of the managerial concept implies the achieving of core organisational objectives through the activities of other people. In this definition, it is clearly reflected that the manager in an organization is not required to conduct business activities by oneself. Rather such a person can manage business activities through supervising the acts of other people working under him. The above discussion henceforth holds management as a special skill or art which is practiced by the managers to fulfill organizational objectives through the acts of others (Peel, 1994, p.1-4; Liebler and McConnell, 2004, p.51-53). Having discussed the emergence and development of the management concept the focus is now rendered on one of the approaches to the management science known as the model for Competing Values Framework. It is found by different management experts like Quinn that the different approaches to management that had emerged with the development of scientific management had some common traits which helped the concepts to merge with each other. This merging of the concepts gave birth to a composite model known as the Competing Values Framework which is considered the appropriate model for future managerial uses. This model is considered best for future managerial applications owing to the prevalence of different types of mindsets which are closely integrated to help business managers to compete effectively with the competing and dynamic current business environment. Competing Values Framework model is represented in the form of a grid formed by two axes vertical and horizontal. The horizontal axis judges the effectiveness of the managerial approaches from both the internal and external respects of the organizational environment. Again the vertical axis represents different managerial traits which denote a situation of supreme flexibility at the top which trickles down to a point of absolute certainty reflecting total control. This model earns due effectiveness for reflecting the development of managerial decision making across a number of stages and thereby shows the impacts of such in the external and internal organizational environment (Pellissier, 2001, p.142-143; Smart, 2010, p.389). Thus this model depicted in Appendix A truly reflects the strategic fit in regards to both organizational values and managerial effectiveness and traits making it one of the best models for future managerial uses. The organization that would be analyzed in this context is BEA. This organization is held to be the world’s largest company in the field of generation of application software for other companies. BEA gained its current stand in a matter of about eight years turning out to be a global leader from scratch in the field of software application. the current scenario BEA is observed to have become a global brand in the said sector along with other competitors like WebLogic. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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