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FORD MOTOR COMPANY Author Ford Motor Company “Ford Motor Company (Ford), incorporated in 1919, is a producer of cars and trucks. Ford and its subsidiaries are also engaged in other businesses, including financing vehicles…
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Case: Ford Motor company
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Download file to see previous pages 1. The case study reflects upon different criteria for Ford Motor Company in order to create a successful environment within the organization. The CEO of the company, Alan Mulally, focuses on merging the company in such a way that the company’s objective should become the main objective of the staff within the organization. The three criteria pointed out focus on making Ford into a global organization under the heading of “One Ford”. This means that the company should be merged together in such a way that goal congruence can be achieved. This congruence can only be achieved by following three steps. Initially the focus should be on the primary brands offered by the company. Secondly, the core competencies should be improved in order to portray Ford as a global brand. Finally the idea is to manufacture products that may be universally accepted. The best option to choose in all this is to focus on the company’s core competencies as it would give the company a major competitive edge over its other competitors but this alone may not be enough to complete the criteria mentioned as this is a step by step approach of making a much more successful organization. 2. The markets in which Ford Motors operate can be considered dynamic because of the sudden changes in technology. The risk of having such a change in the technology can be minimized by implementing proper control systems within the organization. Besides that, the company should follow proper enhanced quality systems such as Sig Sigma, which can help in reducing the risk of any sudden changes in the environment. Risk and uncertainty should be embedded within the strategy of the company i.e. it should be part of the strategic planning as there are risks that are outside the control of the organizations and such changes is the market condition can be considered as an example exogenous risks. During the planning process, such changes in the market should be accounted for and proper strategies should be created that may help in minimizing/eliminating such risks. 3. Proper strategic planning and control is needed to implement an effective action plan. The idea of Alan Mulally seems relevant in the case of Ford as it has shown results and it would really suit the business environment because of its participating nature. An effective action plan mat require full commitment from the staff of the organization as stated in the case study where Mark Fields was brave enough to report technical inefficiencies within the production department. Hence this way, the error was found much earlier and this saved many costs e.g. External Failure costs. Proper implementation of an effective action plan would require proactive action as portrayed by Mark Fields otherwise the goodwill of the company would be dented. 4. The three important steps required in creating a workable plan are: Analysis/Planning Considering the Choices to implement those plan Proper Implementation of that plan These three steps are essential in creating and implementing a plan. All of these steps have their own importance: Analysis/Planning: It requires analysis of the goals and objectives i.e. for any plan to work, certain objectives or goals would need to be established otherwise the plan would seem vague. Hence, it is necessary to create proper goals and objective which are then aligned to the mission statement and the corporate culture to check whether they can be achieved in any particular working ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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