Impact Of Internet-Based E-Commerce On Manufacturing And Business Operations - Research Paper Example

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E-Commerce is the new talk of the town. May it be a simple online purchasing by a customer in order to buy a credit voucher or may it be extensive data interchange of a company that has embedded internet based transactions into its operations, e-commerce does it all. …
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Impact Of Internet-Based E-Commerce On Manufacturing And Business Operations
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Download file to see previous pages Summary of: E-commerce and its impact on operations management A. Gunasekarana,*, H.B. Marrib, R.E. McGaugheyc, M.D. Nebhwanib The revolutionizing internet based commerce has been proving itself as the most promising application of information technology. Termed as the second internet revolution, e-commerce can be seen just about anywhere over the internet. One of the key manners in which e-commerce is effective is the marketing and attaining of goods over the internet. Opening of new horizons and that too globally is one of the feathers e-commerce has in its cap. It also enables the reduction of costs incurred and that of the processing time involved within processes. Thus, eventually resulting in the overall attainment of profits and generation of increased revenue. E-Commerce incorporates a number of technologies that include e-mail, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), application of e-commerce in operations (manufacturing and services). Internet enables B2B and Business to consumer transactions. Organizations that have newly evolved find it easier to implement the standards of e-commerce as compared to those that already have old business processes running and functional. The main theme of manufacturing systems has changed from mass production to demand driven with the introduction of e-commerce. Reduction of procurement and development cycles, simplification of procedures, incorporation of men into profitable positions rather than at mere data handling positions, accessibility to world wide markets, improvement in time of response generation and also in the relationship with customers are just a few benefits that e-commerce has rendered to the world of business. Marketing horizons that...
Impact of Internet/E-commerce on Operations Management

E-Commerce is the use of internet and internet based technologies in all business processes. It has extensive uses and implementation details. It overrides the use all prior technologies such as Electronic Data Interchange.
From the collection of raw data to each detail of the business and sales processes to even the eventual after sales services e-commerce expands its horizons over an entire organization benefiting it on the whole. Exemplary enhancement in sales leads to encouragement to increase the potential to increase the over all logistics of an organization.
E-commerce addresses many problems associated with businesses that were all associated with the pre-technology era. Introduction of the internet technology has revolutionized business processes by enhancing procurement, communication, interaction within organization, production, reduction in costs, increase in efficiency and an eventual increase in sales.
Increased brand awareness and customer loyalty and increase in potential profits of an organization are also termed as benefits associated with implementation of internet technologies within a business. Up to date customer feedback enables updated revolutions in business processes.
Issues that need to be addressed while implementing e-commerce are security. Strengthening of this issue would in turn enhance customer reliability with businesses. Nonetheless it can be said that the key to the survival of every business in the technological world of today is its embedding e-commerce into its business processes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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