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In the paper “Security and Risk Management” the author provides a critical review of the research which focuses particularly on the methodology. The research examines the problem of shoplifting in the store. The author provides analyzes relevant sources of information from print and online sources…
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Security and Risk Management
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Download file to see previous pages A good and well thought out research project should follow a definite plan taking into account the following steps: (Denscombe, 2010: 321)   1. Define the research question or what the objective of the research is.2. Look up relevant and current sources of information from print and online sources like books, magazines, blog and forum comments and social media.3. Determine and specify what the research will and will not cover i.e. boundaries of the project. 4. Reevaluate the research question based on the nature and extent of information you have gathered and the boundaries of the research project. 5. Select the most appropriate investigative methods and research tools depending on the type of research. 6. Plan how you will go about the entire research project.7. Begin to get the relevant information from libraries, interviews, surveys etc using the variety of methods at your disposal. 8. Refine the search strategy if needed. 9. Keep writing and organizing data and notes critical and useful to writing out the research report. This also helps to keep track of all sources.10. Evaluate the sources using appropriate criteria.11. Synthesize, analyze and integrate information sources and prior knowledge about the subject area before writing the research report. 12. Revise the hypothesis if needed. 13. Begin working on the report using the gathered information effectively so that it meets the specific objectives that the report was needed for. 14. Keep in mind the rights to ownership of information, cost to collect the information and avoid plagiarism. 15. We have a duty to cite properly all the sources we have used, so that intellectual copyright is maintained and due credit is given for the sources of ideas. A Critical Review and Analysis of the Report on Shoplifting Presented by the Security Manager Working at the Large Departmental Store We will now review the research report on the issue of shoplifting prepared by the Security Manager of the large departmental store. Statement of the Problem: As noted, the first part of the research report, namely the Introduction, should clearly state the purpose and scope of the research, the research objectives or what the researcher is trying to prove or disprove regarding a particular topic. Though the topic of the research is stated, i.e. shoplifting, the security manager seeks to limit the purpose of the report by stating that it is only concerned with why the problem of shoplifting is occurring in the department store where he has been hired. He is not concerned with the general reasons for shoplifting, or what previous studies or reviews have found about this problem. By restricting its purpose and scope, it is only likely to be useful to the present management of the store, if at all. Secondly, since it appears to him that customers are the likely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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