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A company’s success hugely depends upon on how far it has been able to satisfy its customers. The OMC of a company influences a customer’s experience in a huge way and so it should be designed accordingly. Order management cycle is a process a company should use to meet customer satisfaction and increase its financial gains…
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Order Management Cycle
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A longer process involved in ordering as well as receiving the product or service will lead to customer dissatisfaction and result in huge loss for the company. If an OMC of a company is properly designed and activated, the whole process- from taking an order to delivering it on time, will not only lead to customer satisfaction and help in regenerating orders (Shapiro, July 1992).
The OMC involves planning through its ten steps, drawing charts to establish the problems and maintaining interdepartmental coordination. The main aim of a company is customer satisfaction and financial gains. Customer satisfaction depends upon the order and so the order should be completed efficiently to gain financial profits. The OMC involves a process where each and every aspect of the order is looked after in details. Thus once an order is properly executed it will result in good feedback from the customer and help in regenerating orders which will increase the profit margin of the company. Thus we see that a company’s profit margin is influenced by the OMC to a large extent (Shapiro, July 1992).
The best approach that a company can take to determine its problems and the root causes is through Analysis. The first step of analyzing is to build a systematic OMC and a related chart which shows a company’s performance through various levels.. For example, a company had made a separate room where it had built a big chart showing the various order levels, the cracks that were created, and the problems between various levels and the steps that need be taken to overcome the problems. Through the analysis method, each and every employee of the company becomes aware of the ongoing progress and the various levels where work needs to be done to increase sales and profit as well. The second type of analysis is to make the OMC from the customer’s point of view. A manager should see an order from the customer’s eyes and execute it accordingly. It is said that “Every time an order is handled, a customer is handled and every time an order sits unattended, a customer is unattended.” An executive should be able to invent a product from a customer’s perspective and provide extraordinary service to them so as to enhance the profit as well the goodwill of the company (Shapiro, July 1992). Finally, there are various companies who have made customer satisfaction, higher profits and sustainable competitive advantage as their main goals to be successful. For this a manager of accompany requires to analyze its different types of customers, its different kinds of orders, geography and other relevant data in order to analyze the relation between its customers and competitors and also between its volume and pricing. To collaborate cross functional efficiency and design a performance metrics, projects should be initiated to improve the OMC which covers all the departments of a company. The company’s plans and strategies needs to be communicated to all the personnel involved and information technology should be used to integrate the different steps of the OMC (Shapiro, July 1992). A performance matrix of a company can give a wrong indication of a company’s OMC efficiency. For example, a company’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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