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Operations Management 3Ms Design and Innovation - Essay Example

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This essay demonstrates that product designing plays a key role in the success of a product. History is a good example of the fact that most of the successful business that we witness today has been established based on innovation and creativity…
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Operations Management 3Ms Design and Innovation
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Download file to see previous pages This essay demonstrates that the main roadblocks that are faced by 3M in applying their policy are selecting the right product concept. The screening process is very vital for 3M management because they are under pressure to select a concept that has business potential and signifies innovation. 3M indeed has made a name for itself in the business world. The company’s commitment towards innovation and creative designing has given it a distinct identity. Most of their products are not just rated high for their utility but also for their designs. The products that are manufactured by 3M are considered to be few of essential products by customers. The company has also not kept their business restricted to one domain. 3M is a good example of how creativity can be united with utility. The operations management of 3M with respect to their designing and innovation is a well coherent process. 3M recognizes the customers demand from a particular product and does thorough research regarding the need for the product by the customer before embarking a new design. This paper makes a conclusion that 3M has been very successful in incorporating the basic requirements of the customers in their products. In addition, the operations management of 3M balances the information acquired from market survey and analysis with their products design and innovation. Also, 3M has also been able to establish themselves as a global brand, that signifies innovation as a solution to the need of the customers....
However the look alone with the support of excellent functionality and utility will not help the company to sell the product. A product must first address a specific need of the customer. Many companies acknowledge the importance of product design and innovation in capturing new market. Innovation is the pulse of building new business (Takala & Keinonen, 2006, p.27). 3M is one of those companies which recognise the importance of innovation in business development. 3M initiated a corporate culture that encouraged intrapreneurship. The company is acknowledged for vertical organisational structure. The success of 3M has often been given by the management to the ability of the employees to have a creative bent of mind. During the period of 1985-2000, the company was awarded the top three ranking by Fortune magazine for their culture of innovativeness more than other corporates. In 1995, 3M also won the prestigious award of National Medal of Technology, the U.S government’s apex honour for innovation. 3M’s spiritual founder Ex CEO William L. McKnight is considered the main driving force behind the company’s philosophy of encouraging innovativeness amongst employees. The cornerstone of 3M’s success is attributed to the innovation capability of the employees. Company Overview 3M was founded in the year 1902. The company was initially into mining and gets the name from, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation (3M). The company has diversified since then and has operations varying from technological field to house hold products. The company has reported to have predicted the revenue in the year 2011 to be between $29 billion to $ 30.5 billion. The product ranges offered by 3M ranges from Post –Its, respirators, computer arms to Scotch ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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