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Critically evaluate what problems are caused by drugs among youth population in UK - Essay Example

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With globalization many bad influences have also made inroads in popular culture. The use of drug is a similar problem and is becoming very famous among the younger generation. …
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Critically evaluate what problems are caused by drugs among youth population in UK
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate what problems are caused by drugs among youth population in UK"

Download file to see previous pages There are many problems that affect young users of drugs in United Kingdom. In this essay we will present such problems that are a consequence of drug use among the younger population and some remedies will also be suggested. Problems Caused by Drugs Drug use is extremely detrimental for the society as well as the user of drug. It harms the society by increasing anti social behavior and it is health wise perilous for the user of drugs. The problems caused by drugs multiply when the abuse of drugs is done by younger people. Drug use among youth of United Kingdom is a big problem for the country. The problems caused by drug use among youth are increasing in United Kingdom. Below we will highlight some main problems of drug abuse. The number of young drug addicts has been increasing quite rapidly in United Kingdom. In 2009 a study concluded that there has been a 12 percent increase in drug users aged 13 to24 in UK in the past two years (Reed, J. & Fairbairn, I. 2009). This shows the extent of the problem. Development of media and internet is also giving youth access to information on different drugs and this may be a potent reason for the increase in use of drugs among youth in United Kingdom. ...
The crimes conducted by drug users were found to be great in United Kingdom. Around 320,000 drug users were found to be involved in serious criminal activity in UK (Steele, J. 2007). The drug addiction rate of United Kingdom is also the highest in Europe. The main contributors to the addiction rate are the younger people of UK. Criminal activities cost law enforcement agencies a lot while the justice and the prison system also have to suffer as a result of the increasing drug use of younger population in the country. Young people also end up joining gangs and many are then involved in the trafficking of same drugs. This is actually increasing the drug problem in United Kingdom and the illicit drug industry is thriving greatly as a result. Young drug addicts are also not able to understand the dangers of their actions. They can easily be inclined to commit violent crimes because of their immature thinking. They are not able to do a cost benefit analysis and can commit crimes just for fun. Drug problems in youth actually lead them to criminals and then these criminal groups manipulate them. This adds to the overall stream of criminal activities in the country. Criminal gangs are fueled by the younger population and drug addiction is one way in which naive youngster fall prey to illicit activities in the society. The reported number of drug offences has decreased in 2010 by 1 percent as compared to the previous year but this decrease only tells us that the policing practice has changed regarding drug offenses (Home Office UK, 2011). This decrease does not mean that drug offenses have decreased rather this show a decrease in reporting of drug offenses. This is another problem of drug use among the youth in United Kingdom. The culture of drugs is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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