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Who must be responsible for the poverty of people in United Kingdom: government or people themselves - Essay Example

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The definition of poverty is neither universal nor standardized; the definition according to the Europeans Union working is that poverty refers to limited resources of persons, families and groups of persons hence, excluding them from the minimum way of life which is acceptable in their own member state (Blakemore and Griggs, 123)…
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Who must be responsible for the poverty of people in United Kingdom: government or people themselves
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Extract of sample "Who must be responsible for the poverty of people in United Kingdom: government or people themselves"

Download file to see previous pages The most common measurement for the child poverty in the UK is Households Below Average Income (HBAI). The measure used in HBAI is the risk of children who lives in households which their contemporary median outcome is below 60 percent (Hills 78-79). According to Spicker (88), the child poverty is divided into three areas; first, is the income poverty where children are denied several opportunities by the low income. Secondly is the participatory poverty where most children from the poor families feel left out of several activities others enjoy. This is worse among children who are disabled and those from the ethnic minority group. Thirdly is the service poverty, this is a situation in which young people and children from the poor households neither access nor benefit from various quality services such as, leisure and childcare. Most of them are from households with several challenges such as unemployment, poor skills, low incomes, poor housing, high crime environments, bad health and family breakdown. In 2008/09 the people who were living in families with low income were estimated to be 13.5 million which represented 22% of the total population. This figure shows an increase of 1.5million from the previous statistics of 2004/05.  In addition, the disable individuals living in poverty are estimated to be a third of the total number of individuals above 25 years up to the retirement age. The Society and the government have been involved in eradicating poverty and have established several measures. This has resulted in gradual improvement in the individuals lives. The poverty situation has become better than in the past. According to Bradshaw (38), the major cause of poverty in the UK is inadequate income, this problem mostly affects children from; lone parent families, the workless families, large families, those with disabled individuals and those from ethnic minority groups. It results from joblessness, low wages and low level benefits among individuals. The recession has resulted in the rapid increase of unemployment and expectations are that it will rise further. The risk of unemployment is considered to be higher among the following individuals; those who posses lower skills, those from certain minority ethnic groups, and even those who dwell in areas with low unemployment (Devine 67-68). In addition, there is also the caring responsibilities and discrimination which are considered to be barriers to work among individuals. The Second cause is low wages; individuals’ being in a paid work is not a guarantee of freedom from poverty (Strelitz, 66). In 2008/09, 61 percent of children who were considered to be poor belonged to households where one or more parents were working. The risk of poverty is increased by the following; low wages, individuals working on part-time basis, and condition where both adults in a household are not working (Chant, 56-57). The third cause is inadequate benefits; the benefits and the tax credits which are put in place to act as safety net are too low hence, inadequate to protect all families with children from poverty. Their value is considered to be below the poverty line. Individuals are influenced by poverty in several ways and their lives made shorter and more brutal than they ought to be. Poverty does not simply concerns individuals having low income, it also regards the denial of; power, respect, good health, education and housing, basic self esteem and involvement in different social activities. Poverty is costly to both individuals and society as well. Skills available to employers are reduced and economic growth hindered by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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