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Lean Management - Essay Example

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This research will begin with the statement that Lean Management is a comprehensive program system to align strategic plans with daily improvement targets to meet customer’s demand with quality and to be prepared for future challenges…
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Lean Management
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that objective of lean management is to be an efficient, effective and customer focused organization with least cost and zero wastes. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in developing and retaining new markets in any business and one good method to gauge it is getting feedback on different aspects from the customers. Major businesses employ customer contact center concepts since these solutions provide businesses with the flexible and strong infrastructure to interact with their customers and effectively manage ongoing projects. Based on these feedbacks, improvements in products and business strategies, development of new products, increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, and exploration of new markets is sought to devise the swift response to global competitive markets. In the recent past, a number of companies have invested considerably in managing and maintaining contact center to get a competitive advantage by analyzing customer experience and company performance; however, due to recent economic downturn companies are finding it difficult to manage the contact centers due to increased operating expenses. The as lean principle has effectively been applied in the manufacturing sector, in a similar way this concept is equally well applicable to a service industry. In doing so, Hines cautioned that organizations may miss a strategic aspect of value creation while focusing merely on cost reduction and lean tools while applying lean principles. To reduce the operating costs associated with contact centers, a lean management approach would help in creating a greater value demand while reducing the failure demand. IT businesses recognize that customers lean to support companies providing better services within a given price range. In this report, the company realized that its competitive position in the market is no longer secured. Therefore, a shift to lean management was attempted to reduce wastes and costs and increase revenue. This report is an attempt to study the significance of adopting and applying lean management concepts to Contact Center Industry using academic rigor while focusing on Averatec Contact Center and how it can effectively be applied to achieve zero defects with increased customer satisfaction. Averatec Contact Center 2.1 Company Description Averatec, established in 1984, is a company offering a broad range of computer products including desktop PCs, Laptops, and Servers, networking, storage and peripheral accessories. IT services including infrastructure technology, consultation, and business process development are few other services offered by the company which is engaged in a number of project in these areas. The company supports its entire operations with total 6000 employees and one design, development and manufacturing facility, and more than a hundred service centers located across the globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lean Management

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