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Analysis of Unconscious Bias - Essay Example

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 The essay aims to proffer a summary of the article published in the McKinsey Quarterly, entitled “The case for behavioral strategy” through writing a two- page paper on applying any of the respective biases to the video "A Class Divided" or to one’s respective workplace…
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Analysis of Unconscious Bias
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Unconscious Bias"

Download file to see previous pages   There were five specifically enumerated classifications of biases noted: pattern-recognition, action-oriented, stability, interest, and social biases that decision-makers tend to disregard and subconsciously continue to infiltrate major decision-making processes. The authors suggested ways and mean counter these five biases through taking various points of views and perspectives; taking uncertainties into account; enhancing awareness by thinking beyond the box; adopting broader interests; and by encouraging corporate debate (Lovallo and Sibony, 2010). Likewise, four steps in adopting behavioral strategies were proffered to improve the quality of decision making after incorporating the suggested ways to counter biases in the organizations. In the video, “A Class Divided”, a grade three teacher, Jane Elliot, taught her students the crucial lesson on discrimination through an effective method of making them feel discriminated and prejudiced in terms of the color of their eyes. The results of group activities of ‘discriminated’ children were surprisingly shown as generating lower grades as their morale and perception of status were diminished. In contemporary organizations, these biases still exist in various styles and form: through gender discrimination, ranks within the organizational hierarchies, and even in the race. In a study conducted by Lyons & McArthur entitled Gender's unspoken role in leadership evaluations (gender discrimination and leadership qualities, the systemic bias “illustrates the challenges that women face in accommodating themselves to male-defined executive roles and suggests how corporate leaders--men in particular--can make these detrimental effects discussable within their own executive suites” (Lyons & McArthur, 2007, 1). This kind of bias could fall under the interest and social biases discussed by Lovallo and Sibony (2010) as there continue to pervade organizations in terms of confining to the respective interests of male-dominated leaders in organizations, deep-rooted in human tendencies and manifested in socials structures globally.
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Analysis of Unconscious Bias Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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