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Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills - Essay Example

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This paper intends to discuss the significance of leadership and strategic management in the life and progress of an organization. Before going into the niceties of strategic management and leadership skills, let’s first get to understand what these concepts actually are…
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Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills
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Download file to see previous pages This project stresses that a leader will verify that the salaries are being paid in time; will pursue a system of rewards and bonuses; and, will listen to the employees’ troubles and will try to remove them. This will keep them working at high competence. The leader will make agreements with business partners while respecting their decisions. This confidence between the partners makes the organization grow and maintains its integrity. A leader will know how to schedule his projects keeping in mind the time frame and instructs the team to manage their work schedules accordingly. From the report it is clear that the goal of leadership is to make the new comers follow the way the leaders work and behave in the organization. The leaders should show such an attitude at the workplace that would inspire others to follow their directions. The ultimate goal of the leadership is to create such teams that work effectively to produce greater results. The most important thing is consideration about internal and external communication. If leaders want that employees participate in a vigorous collaborative environment where they interrelate with each other in a better way to share their ideas and information, they would have to take steps to improve their communication with their workers, listen to their problems, talk to them and work out their issues. Workers will automatically start following them and the overall organizational culture will improve. This is the transformational leadership. (Brown & Travino, 2006) actually in which the leaders produce such an effect on their subordinates that they inflict a “transforming effect” on them thus producing “sweeping changes in organizations and societies” (Priyabhasini & Krishnan, 2005, p.1).
Strategic Management
Strategic management is the process of determining goals and objectives while recognizing roles and responsibilities and meeting deadlines. It involves the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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