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The Role of the HR Function Regarding the Management of People Within an Organization - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that HR function plays a fundamental role in managing people within an organization. Moreover, Human Resource Management (HRM) is basically defined as the consistent and planned approach to managing the most important asset of any organization i.e. the workers…
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The Role of the HR Function Regarding the Management of People Within an Organization
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Download file to see previous pages All of these functions fall into the domain of management. First line managers in an organization are the most directly related to the workers as compared to top managers and middle managers. Quality of work is reflected in the performance of workers that are practically involved in the work, and work at the lowest level. It is the duty of first-line managers to manage their assigned groups of such lowest level workers. First line managers check the workers’ attendance, arrange transport for them, arrange for their lunch, and such other aspects. By fulfilling their responsibility of managing workers directly involved in the work, first line managers play a cardinal role in the management of people.
The Director of Human Resources ensures the implementation of all HR policies and practices within an organization. The DHR provides expert advice over several matters related to HRM that include but are not limited to managing workers’ issues, developing and implementing HR policies and practices, facilitating the hiring of talented candidates, identifying training needs and taking measures to address them. Being the Director of HR, he assumes the prime responsibility of getting the HR policies and practices implemented. The DHR gets the job done by assigning specific tasks to particular Human Resources Managers (HRM) all of which make part of the implementation process of HR policies and practices.
The Human Resource Manager (HRM) is responsible for the performance of employees within an organization. The process of performance management of employees comprises planning of the goals for individual employees and establishing expectations for them, supervising employee performance, improving their job conditions, reviewing and commenting on their performance, rewarding them for display of good performance and penalizing them for display of poor performance (Vitez). All of these functions fall in the domain of performance management of employees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Role of The HR Function Regarding the Management of People Within an Organization

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