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Social sustainability - Assignment Example

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The study will determine the actions and strategies of IKEA towards social, economical and environmental sustainability. Moreover, the study will highlight the Green House Gas Management Programme of IKEA. Finally the study will articulate a brief and clear conclusion. …
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Social sustainability
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Download file to see previous pages The leading organizations around the globe are trying to capitalize on the advantages that have been created due to globalization. The global market has become much more competitive after the Second World War. All the leading organizations have implemented advanced technology, strategic tools in their business process (Lancaster and Withey, 2012, p.38). Now-a-days people are much more concern about the quality of products as they have several options and substitutes for a product. In terms of organization, several firms are trying to bring sustainability in the business by focusing on the social, economic and environment sustainability as these will increase the brand reputation in this global competitive market (Bidgoli, 2006, p.173). The study is all about the analysis and evaluation of the social, economic and environment sustainability of leading home furniture retail IKEA. The organization has promoted and planned several sustainability projects and programmes in order to improve the situation of global economy, community and environment. The study will reveal all the hidden aspects thoroughly.
Sustainability can be defined as fulfilling needs without compromising the capability of the fulfilling of needs of future generation (Moore, 2010, p.20). It improves the quality of life. There are certain aspects that should be contained, such as social, economic and environmental. In the business practices it is known as 3BL or Triple Bottom Line. Sustainable business can be defined as an enterprise who has limited negative impact on local or global environment, society, community or economy.
Habitually sustainable business firms have progressive human rights and environmental policies. Generally the business can be determined as green business when that enterprise fulfils the following criteria. It manufactures and supplies environment friendly goods and services and the enterprise is greener comparing to the traditional competition. It has made commitment to the environment policies in the business operations. It includes sustainability principles into business decisions. Any enterprise that practices green and environment friendly activities in order to ensure all the processes and manufacturing activities are current environmental concerned can be termed as sustainable business. IKEA is a leading global home furnishing retailer. The growth story of the organization since 1943 is very much eventful and effectual. Presently the organization is leading the global market place and the organization is popular for its Scandinavian style. Major of the furniture of IKEA are flat-pack and prepared to be assembled by the buyers. The organization carries almost a range of more than 9,500 products. Online purchasing facilities have increased the core competency of IKEA. Till date there are 20 IKEA stores in UK (Boone and Kurtz, 2009, p.219). The study will determine the actions and strategies of IKEA towards social, economical and environmental sustainability. Moreover, the study will highlight the Green House Gas Management Programme of IKEA. After evaluation, the study will draw the findings and will provide some recommendation plan. Finally the study will articulate a brief and clear conclusion. Social Sustainability The aim and objective of IKEA states that they want to provide better life for the community and people through the business practices. Moreover, the organization always focuses on establishing healthy and better place to work for the employees and the suppliers. Supporting children and vulnerable communities and commitment to supporting human rights is a path of promoting social sustainability through the busin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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