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Quality Reliability and Maintenance - Research Paper Example

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MODULE TITLE: Quality Reliability and Maintenance MODULE CODE: XXXXXXXXXXX MODULE DATE: XXXXXXXXXXX NAME/NUMBER: XXXXXXX GROUP: XXXXXXXXX 1. QUESTION 2:Using the literature, and your own experience where appropriate, compare and contrast the Six Sigma approach to delivering excellent company performance with the EFQM Excellence Model…
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Quality Reliability and Maintenance
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Extract of sample "Quality Reliability and Maintenance"

Download file to see previous pages 2. QUESTION 4: Describe and then critically assess how your company designs, develops and produces a new product or service. Suggest practical ways in which current methods could be improved and explain the likely benefits to be gained from application of your suggestions. Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents 3 1.QUESTION 2 4 1.1 INTRODUCTION 4 1.2 SIX SIGMA DEFINITION AND EXPLANATION OF SIX SIGMA 4 1.3 DEFINITION OF EFQM AND A BRIEF DESCRIPTION 7 1.4 THE MANNER IN WHICH SIX SIGMA ADDRESSES EFQM MODEL 8 1.5 ACTIONS OF EFQM THAT SIX SIGMA DOESN’T COVER 9 1.6 CONCLUSION 10 2.0 Question 4 10 2.1 INTRODUCTION 10 2.1.1 THE DESIGN PHASE 11 2.1.2 THE DEVELOPMENT PHASE 12 2.1.3 THE PRODUCTION PHASE 13 2.2 WHAT DMADV IS IN DESIGN OF SIX SIGMA 13 2.2.1 DEFINE 14 2.2.2 MEASURE 14 2.2.3 ANALYSE 15 2.2.4 DESIGN 16 2.2.5 VERIFY 16 2.3 A DETAILED EXPLANATION OF DMADV APPROACH. 17 2.4 IMPROVING THIS APPROACH. 18 2.5 CONCLUSION 19 BIBILIOGRAPHY/ REFERENCES 20 Graham Cartwright and John Oakland (2007) Lean Six Sigma – Making it ‘Business as Usual’. ...
AINING DURATION OF BELTS IN SIX SIGMA 18 1.QUESTION 2 1.1 INTRODUCTION Most organisation in the world have concerns over process improvements in order to operate in the competitive market. Many CEO’s have been forced on implementing tools that will help them work smarter. This requires deep understanding of the business processes of the enterprise or the holistic overview of the organisation, as well as the ability to execute change on these processes. Tools focus generally in ensuring the organisation find a way to survive in the competitive All tools are Important but depending on certain situations one tool may be ideal to the other. Managers should be able to know when to use a tool depending on the advantages and disadvantages of the tools. Changing of tools enables the organisation run smoothly in the market gaining advantages that can’t be seen by its competitors, 1.2 SIX SIGMA DEFINITION AND EXPLANATION OF SIX SIGMA It is defined as a management approachwhich aims at improving the quality of processes by minimizing and eventually removing the errors and defects. This concept is developed to ensure that the customer’s satisfactions and requirements are meet and put in place.Tomkins (1997) defines that Six Sigma is aprogramme aimed at the near-elimination of defects from every product, process and transaction.Six sigma implies 3 main features statistical management, management strategy and quality culture.In fact, any process which does not lead to customer satisfaction is referred to as a defect and has to be eliminated from the system to ensure superior quality of products and services.The goal of the statistical quality control as a feature within the Six Sigma Methodology is to determine whether something has gone wrong with the manufacturing system. By ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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