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The Market of IKEA in China - Essay Example

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This dissertation focuses on analysis and understanding the market of IKEA in China.A large number of journals,academic articles and books contribute to the secondary research of this paper. Solely based on secondary research,this paper illustrates the situation of IKEA’s market in China,from 4 aspects. …
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The Market of IKEA in China
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Extract of sample "The Market of IKEA in China"

Download file to see previous pages 1.1 Product rule 45 4.1.2 Propaganda approach 46 4.2 IKEA stores have a different location principle in China 46 4.2.1 City selection 47 4.2.2 Position selection 47 4.3 IKEA tries to lower the price to fit Chinese consumption level 49 4.3.1 Build more processing factories 49 4.4 The difficulties and challenges for IKEA in China 50 4.4.1 Domestic furniture firms are the main competitors of IKEA 50 4.4.2 IKEA’s products are always imitated by others in China 52 4.4.3 IKEA joint venture with local firms at the early stage of operating in China 52 4.4.4 IKEA developed slowly in China 53 4.5 Chinese furniture market has huge potential 54 5 Conclusion, Limitation and Recommendations 57 5.1 Conclusion 57 5.2 Limitations 58 5.21 The credibility of Chinese media resource 58 5.22 The short history of statistics collection in China 58 5.23 On demand information not available 58 5.24 Regional restriction 59 5.3 Recommendations 59 5.3.1 Appropriate investigations for the market of IKEA in other countries 59 5.3.2 Choose a similar brand as a case study, adding into this paper 59 5.3.3 Adding the research on IKEA’s development planning in China 60 References 61 Bibliography 69 Appendix I Reflection 71 Appendix II Dissertation Log 72 Appendix III Dissertation Proposal 83 Appendix IV Ethic Form 95 1 Introduction With the rapid growth and development of China, especially after 1987, the level of economy and the life quality of Chinese people increased dramatically. When they have enough money for food and cloth, they shift their interests in other aspects, such as furnishing, to make their life more colourful. Due to the increasing needs for furniture, there are more and more furniture companies operating in China. Nowadays, there are a large number of furniture companies...
IKEA is a Swedish home furnishing retailer. Since 1973, when IKEA opened its first store in Switzerland, it started its business activities in the foreign markets. Nowadays, IKEA has more than 292 stores in 37 countries although it had operations only in Asia about ten years ago. At present, Ikea is trying to expand, to many other overseas markets. International business or cross cultural business is growing day by day after the introduction of globalization. Majority of the countries are trying to attract foreign direct investments as much as possible and hence international companies are getting immense opportunities in overseas markets. As an internationalisation strategy, IKEA has selected the neighbouring countries initially to move into. It is because these countries share a similar language, and traditional culture with Sweden. Following that, IKEA has moved into other Non-neighbouring countries to develop more variety in its market share. It should be noted that culture plays an important role in the internationalization of business. In other words, expansion of business to countries with similar culture is easier than expansion of business to countries with different culture.
IKEA aims to offer a better everyday life for a lot of people. The company’s mission is to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products with affordable price (Sandelands, 2009). Earlier, Ikea products were highly expensive and hence only the elite groups in the society were the major customers of Ikea. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...image due to its modern architectural designs and eco-friendly nature. Due to which its revenue and operating income enhanced by €27.628 billion and €3.482 billion by the end of 2012 as compared to other rivals in the market. This marked the success of the organization of IKEA and so it expanded in many other parts of the world like Germany, Norway and Denmark (Inter IKEA Systems B.V, 2012). IKEA’S History IKEA is established in the year 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, a young entrepreneur residing in Smaland of Southern Sweden. The name of the organization IKEA is derived from the initial letters of Ingvar Kamprad, i.e. I and K along with the...
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...the business. However, in some countries such as Iceland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Spain, the Company functions as a franchise, with capital investment and management being the responsibility of the local companies and IKEA providing the merchandise, education, training, administrative, support and marketing services.( Worrall and Littler, 1995). Global sales of IKEA products now totals over $17.7 billion annually and one of the key elements underlining IKEA’s success is the fact that it does not tailor its furniture to suit local tastes, but sells the same basic products in all its stores, thereby addressing universal needs in home furnishings.(Solomon,...
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...activities. However, it should be noted that among all nations, magnitude of international activities is highest in BRICS, comprising Brazil (95%), China (95%) and Russia (94%) (Chu, Girdhar and Sood, 2013). The trend in the above graph justifies the fact that contemporary firms are highly motivated towards international expansion. This is because domestic markets of the firm have become saturated; and international expansion has rendered the labour management process more feasible and real estate investment features more productive. Therefore following the global trend, IKEA should also leverage its capabilities to expand business in these new emerging markets (Suarez,...
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...income, up from an approximated 26.9 billion Euros in the most current economic year ended 31 August. Over similar period, IKEA say that it plans to increase its store count from the current 300 to 500.IKEA’s CEO,Mikael Ohlsson said that IKEA hopes to double its speed of store openings during the coming 8 years to enhance its footprints in the US, thus capturing a larger slice of emerging and fast-growing markets like China. IKEA usually outsources and purchases its inputs from over 55 nations in the world. IKEA has furniture as its main product and therefore IKEA uses wood as its most crucial non-labor...
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...Number] IKEA in Qatar The role of political, social, economical, and technological factors in prevailing IKEA strategy: Qatar is a country with a politically stable landscape. The power went to The Emir; Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani in 1995 and ever since then Qatar has been open to the global market despite its traditional conservative society (Fromherz 77). The highlight of Qatar’s political landscape is its developing and flourishing relations with the US which has brought in regional peace and stability, and strong trade and investment ties (Kamrava 5). Qatar is a member of the WTO and regarding their obligations, there have been reduced tariffs, unnecessary restrictions and...
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IKEA in China and Saudi Arabia Sweden as because they are largely manufactured in the developing countries for keeping the cost down. China for about 2.5% times supply as much as Sweden. Swedwood, a subsidiary of IKEA it handles the production of the company’s wood based products with largest Swedwood factory that is located in Southern Poland. The company sells 100 million pieces of products annually. In recent years the company sales have been reduced. A downturn in economic conditions in the company’s core European market has played a considerable part in declaration. Another most important factor for the slowdown is lack of strategic directions. After the improvement the economic climate in Europe has...
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