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Organizational behaviors management project - Panda Express - Term Paper Example

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Name Professor Course Date Organizational Behaviors Management Term Project-Panda Express The Panda Express Restaurants are a group of restaurants founded by Andrew Cherng who was a visionary Chinese born and raised in the Yangzhou region of the People’s Republic of China…
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Organizational behaviors management term project - Panda Express
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Download file to see previous pages The menus in this restaurant brought to America the flavors of Szechuan and Mandarin cuisine. These same menus became the inspiration and standard for all the Panda Express restaurants that are known and loved in the wide America. The making of quality meals with fresh and premium ingredients besides being served fast and hot was one competitive advantage Andrew identified and utilized to the fullest. The result was the tremendous growth of the Panda Express chain of restaurants not only in the United States but the world over (Fox77). Our group’s selection of the Panda Express chain of restaurants out of our love for authentic Chinese cuisine and our being intrigued by how fresh and fast the food is constantly cooked and served. A majority of the group members have had meals at the Panda Express restaurants and realized that the quality of the food is uniformly of a high quality. Our love for authentic, or fairly authentic, Chinese cuisine seems to have travelled with us from China to the United States. It was a unanimous decision among the group members who, having eaten at several Chinese restaurants across the United States that claimed to offer authentic cuisine, all decided that only the cuisine found at the Panda Express chain of restaurants lived to its name (Grenway 44). ...
The latter is to expose the Chinese citizens firsthand to American-Chinese type of cuisine which is excellent (Filipova 45). The main goal of the group is to find out how Panda Express is able to serve such high quality food at its characteristically fast pace yet retain the fine features of a dining eatery. The aim of group is of the opinion that the managers utilize the rush hours besides having active communication skills with their subordinates to create an excellent customer experience (Tosi and Pilati 109). The aim is to research into the managers’ use of leadership, motivation and employee engagement skills in forming a group of hard-working employees with the restaurant’s aim in their hearts. Another aim is to find out the managers’ daily activities that contribute to the success of the restaurant chain and push the employees to willingly outdo themselves in their service (Griffin and Moorehead 40). What also evoked our curiosity was the fact that some members of this group eat at the Panda Express restaurant on the campus premises once to four times each week and always find the food freshly cooked even with the high demand for the food which always seems to improve in taste (Sharma 73). Hypothesis The group’s belief is that managers use leadership skills acquired from outside the restaurant chain or gained at the restaurant to instill a sense of urgency among the employees and then set cooking or serving goals that have always outdid the demand from customers. Among the leadership skills most likely driving the success in the restaurant chain are conflict resolution among the employees and management, quickness of thought to invent better services and the accuracy of predicting rush hours to utilize the large number of customers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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